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ZENBands Featured in Reader’s Digest & Wander Magazine!

ZENBands Featured in Reader's Digest & Wander Magazine!

I’m happy to announce that ZENBands have been listed in Wander Magazine as an essential wellness item for traveling. They’ve also been listed in Reader’s Digest Magazine as a budget-friendly travel item that travel agents recommend. I’m happy to hear this, because ZENBands are designed to be an affordable, versatile anxiety-reduction tool. Traveling can create […]

Cell Phones, Wireless & Pregnancy: An Interview with Yale Hospital’s Chief of OB/GYN, Dr. Hugh Taylor


While the latest and greatest new gadget is exciting and trendy, I always wonder how it impacts our health. No one ever discusses health implications when a new phone or wireless gadget hits the market, because we are way more focused on all the cool things it can do. It’s no secret that technology evolves […]

Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy & Wisdom from OB/Gyn Dr. Marion Lacombe


By: Erin Stair, MD, MPH Hypnobirthing is gaining traction in the United States, and more and  more birth professionals are becoming certified as hypnobirthing instructors. It’s already hugely popular overseas, and a lot of my ZENBand customers are pregnant women who use the bands for hypnobirthing. Still, many people in the states don’t know anything […]

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