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The below ZENTones have been designed to help restore and induce sleep. These are tools that utilize the science of sound and NOT cures for insomnia, so please keep that in mind. They are custom-made, use different sounds you can choose from, and utilize the science of sound sequencing, binaural beats, brainwaves and isochronic tones. You MUST wear headphones for the programs to be effective. If you are curious about the science behind our programs, please visit our FAQ page.    

By purchasing this product, you will receive an email with downloadable links to the following Five ZENTone programs and “Path to Sleep” Guided Imagery, which will allow you to store them on any device you choose. To reduce radiation exposure, we recommend listening on Airplane mode, with your phone to your side, NOT on your body, and use wired headphones, not Bluetooth ones.

  1. Restorative Sleep & Chronic Pain ZENTones:  A 25 minute session of sub-delta waves that boosts restorative sleep and may help alleviate chronic pain issues. Sub-delta waves are associated with Stage 3 of sleep. Disruptions of delta waves are associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD and even Type Two Diabetes. In Fibromyalgia, for example, alpha waves are shown to interfere with sub-delta waves in Stage 3 of sleep.
  2. Sleep Induction with Crickets ZENTones: This soothing 50 minute sound program uses a sequence of scientifically selected sounds, including crickets, delta waves and isochronic tones to help lull you into a calm and peaceful snooze.
  3. Sleep Induction with Underwater Sounds & Whales ZENTones: This 50 minute sound program uses scientifically selected sounds, including underwater and whale sounds, delta waves and isochronic tones to help induce sleep.
  4. Sleep Induction with White Noise ZENTones: A 50 minute sound program that uses white noise, delta waves and isochronic tones to help induce sleep.
  5. Sleep Induction with Beach Sounds ZENTones: A 50 minute program that uses common beach sounds, delta waves and isochronic tones to induce sleep.
  6. Path to Sleep Guided Imagery:  A 10 minute guided imagery written by Dr. Erin Stair and recorded by voice actor Mike Carnes to help you deal with ruminations, unhelpful, stressful thoughts and clear your mind before bed.


Please note that these programs have not been evaluated by the FDA and should never take the advice of your doctor or replace your current medication. They are tools that may help you get to sleep, but not medication or regulated devices. If you are thinking about stopping your medication, always discuss with your doctor first.



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