Manic Kingdom, Dr. Stair’s novel: The Craziest True Story Ever!

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Manic Kingdom by Erin Stair, MD, MPH

“This true story, featuring 3 eccentric characters, will make you rethink mental illness, sanity and craziness. At least it should.”

Is what someone is experiencing truly “mental illness” or is it the body’s and mind’s collective response to a series of unfortunate, heartbreaking and/or stressful life events? Events lacking the support of a solid social network, healthy food, quality sleep and a healthy and loving sense of self? How much does “life’s stressful events” get labeled a mental illness? Can imperfect cures be found in imperfect people in imperfect places? The answer is YES.  Can conventional therapy fail you? YES. You’ll see all of this in Manic Kingdom. Can life change for the better or for the worse rapidly, sparking temporary dips off the cerebral balance beam into the quicksand of what the world labels insanity? I know it can, and I’ve learned to embrace the uncertainty.  –Erin Stair

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What is Manic Kingdom about?

“Could that disheveled young woman— rooting around in the trash for potatoes and clothes— possibly be a med student? The unthinkable becomes reality when you are seduced by the Manic Kingdom. It can upend your seemingly pitch-perfect existence, thrusting you into a world where your inhibitions, intellect, and instincts are powerless to save you. Join Dr. Erin Stair on the journey of a lifetime.

Based on a true story, Becka is on the verge of becoming a doctor, immersed in the world of physical and mental illness, while her own mental health was crumbling. Travel with her 3,000 miles away to California, where she fled from her school, her roommate and her life, finding romance and companionship with a mysterious man known only to her as “King.” King was helpful to her in many ways, but was she ignoring warning signs that disaster was right around the corner?

Manic Kingdom is a frightening, sometimes humorous, essential reminder of how we can lose ourselves, how dangerous we can be to ourselves, and how fragile stability can be.”

Reviews from Amazon :

“Man, what an exhilarating and tension-filled read! It’s so rare that you get a medical doctor talking about her own experience with mental illness. Dr. Stair has, with this account, made herself entirely transparent on the issue – and that’s a great thing for anyone who has ever struggled with it themselves, or had friends or family members who battle it.But…this is not a self-help book. In fact, the notion of someone with mental illness having the wherewithal to treat him or herself is pure foolishness. While there will always be outliers who believe they can, the majority of us need assistance when it becomes our turn to deal with it.No, this book reads like a novel. In fact, the first time I read it, I thought that’s exactly what it was. A novel. It’s a page-turner for sure – as evidenced by the fact that I missed two of my subway stops because of it, even though I’ve read it before. Of all of the books I’ve read and reviewed this is the first one I’ve gotten excited about. It breaks open some of the myths about mental illness, without – somehow – making it a medical or dry discussion book in the process. It’s just the author giving an account of her life – in the first person, present tense narrative – of what it’s like dealing with mental health issues, as it has affected both herself and a few people in her experience, in an entirely candid no-holds barred kind of way. I can’t recommend it enough.”-  writer Doug Wolf

“This is a well-written and fascinating page-turner, an easy read with a lot of great insights and a well-fashioned line between determining whether the experience described is the writer’s individual reality on the one hand, or the alternative: an episode of pathological insightlessness about the remarkable situation in which she finds herself. The reader becomes excited by how she handles what might be a madman but might also merely be a handsome and appealing eccentric who has embraced an unusual life and is happy to have found a soulmate for it. I recommend it to anyone interested in the line between pathology and eccentricity. One learns a lot about where mania and clinical misperception start and where love and passion intrude. And, at the end, we get a sense of relief that our enthusiastic guide through this adventure finds her way back to reality.”-  Psychiatrist Dr. Henry Jarecki


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Manic Kingdom by Dr. Erin Stair

Manic Kingdom on the BBC Radio Show

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