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If you are stressed, struggle with anxiety, focus or poor sleep, TRY the ZENTones. Immediately sent to your inbox & so affordable, there’s no excuse NOT to try.  🙂

The ZENTones and Guided Imagery Exercises are natural approaches designed to help you improve sleep, reduce anxiety, boost mood, improve attention and memory and reduce stress-induced chronic pain issues. They are not medical treatments and should be considered relaxation and self-care tools. They are rooted in the science of sound sequencing, isochronic tones and the therapeutic use of binaural acoustics. You can find more information on the science behind them here, and you can read reviews in our blog and elsewhere on the site. Each of our Guided Imageries were written by Dr. Stair and recorded by voice actors here in New York City.

ZENTones require headphones to work. We recommend using the ZENBand for maximum comfort, but you can use your own headphones if you wish.

By ordering this product, you will receive access to all of our ZENTones and Guided Imagery Exercises. They will come as downloadable links via email immediately after purchasing, so you can save them to any device you wish. You will also receive access to our web-based APP via a unique password. You can read each description of the individual ZENTones by clicking the link below. A detailed description of each ZENTone and Guided Imagery is also included in our easy-to-use, web-based App.

Sleep ZENTones 

Anxiety and Stress Relief ZENTones 

Fibromyalgia and Pain Relief ZENTones 

Focus, Energy and Attention ZENTones 



From Anxiety Coach Leigha 

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From a Combat Veteran 

Review on our Sleep ZENTones from another Combat Veteran

4 reviews for All ZENTones

  1. Joshua Rudman

    Was given these by Dr. Stair for an honest review. I’m a veteran who struggles with PTSD issues, including a lot of anxiety and insomnia. Dr. Stair suggested I use the ZENTones as an additional stress-relief tool. I have to say, I really, really like them. First, the web-based App is super easy to use, and I love having easy access to all of the tones and imagery exercises. When I’m feeling anxious or struggling with sleep, or even if I have to get out of bed when I can’t sleep, I listen to the tones. They’ve been very helpful, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a solution that doesn’t come with a bunch of side effects. ( Take it from someone who was once on ten pills at once!.) I listened to the sleep guided imagery last night, and particularly enjoyed it. I hope she adds more guided imageries to the mix. Great product for anyone who struggles like me.

  2. Katie Dillon

    LOVE this!
    I get stress-induced headaches, especially when I don’t sleep. My kids don’t help. I was taking 12 pills a day and heard about Blooming Wellness through the Spoonie community. I absolutely LOVE The ZENTones. They are easy, simple, and they worked for me. Dr. Stair is also phenomenal about getting back to you and explaining things. They really do have wonderful customer service. These aren’t cure-alls, but they are a DEFINITE help and I hope they add more. 🙂

  3. Diane Lanigan

    I have been using the web app for zentones for 6 months. I use them at night and mainly for sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night I turn it on to make sure I get back to sleep. Works like clockwork every time. Before I used Zentones I used to be awake for up to 2 hours. Now I’m back asleep in 10 minutes. I love the simplicity of the technology. Highly recommend this web app.

  4. Andrea

    I love my zenbands and binaural beats. The zenbands are really comfortable – so important when meditating! But they also rock my Amazon playlist. I have gifted them to friends, who then ordered their own for other family members. Super fun colors and patterns. You will love these.

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