Dr. Eeks’ Favorite Wellness Products

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 These are all available on Amazon and from my Amazon store.  I will update regularly. I use all of these and talk about why in my blog. If you have any questions about use, dose, research…please email me.

Elderberry Queen Organic Elderberry Syrup 

(For flu and cold prevention. Lots of supportive studies in my blog.)

Protocol Natural Inositol for Food Cravings

( For OCD-related anxiety & help control food cravings- article in blog)

Arianna Huffington’s Phone Bed

(Amazing self-care gift to you or anyone who needs to unplug)

Everyone Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray

(Been using it for the last 3 years and love it)

Wild Alaskan Omega 3 Fish Oil 

( I like getting Omega3s in my diet, but if you like supplements for brain health & mood- article in blog)

Frontier Organic Dill Weed

(For bloating and PMS cramps- article in blog)

Australia’s Raw Manuka Honey  

( For healthier & younger skin. Also for scars and burns- article in blog)

Garden of Life Probiotics for Mood+ 

( For the gut microbiome that is now linked to mood health- article in blog)

Bed of Nails Set 

( Swear by this for plantar fasciitis and foot pain- article in blog)

RadiArmor Cell Phone Protection Cover

Eargasm High Fidelity Ear Plugs

(Love these!! NYC is so loud, and these don’t fall out of my ears like drug-store ear plugs.)

Best Mushroom Coffee!

(Lots of healthy options & health benefits.)

Organic Boneset Tea

(For fever and pains associate with flu/viruses)

(Like this company & this is for UTI prevention. Not UTI cures, UTI Prevention.)


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