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Psychiatry, Drug Companies, Antidepressants & Solutions: An Interview with Psychiatrist and Author Dr. Daniel Carlat


Hi guys. This is an interview I did a few years ago with psychiatrist Daniel Carlat, M.D, when I served as editor in chief for The Alternative Mental Health News. Since the questionable efficacy of antidepressants is in the news (again) and “anti-psychiatry” is trending ( again), I thought it was timely to share. In […]

Polygamy and Mental Health: A Conversation with SisterWives Founders Robyn & Chris Alesich


Interview & Blog by Dr. Erin Stair Hi guys. Below is a fun, casual, organic, informative and entertaining conversation I had with Christopher and Robyn Alesich. They are married to each other, polygamists and founders of SisterWives.Com, the largest polygamy dating site and the only polygamy matchmaking site on the web. They were also delightful […]

Depression in the Modern World: Treatment Implications for a Social Brain


(This is a guest post written by Dr. Douglas Watt, Ph.D. His bio is included at the end of the piece.)  Depression: It’s Not a Chemical Imbalance: In Part I on depression, I talked about the uncritical acceptance of a cultural meme propagated by big Pharma and by mainstream Psychiatry that depression can be meaningfully […]

Interview with Dr. Joseph Burgo on Narcissism, Sociopaths &, yes, Romance.


Hi gang, Dr. Eeks here.   I was really happy to interview expert Dr. Joseph Burgo on narcissism, sociopathy, dating and more. Here is a copy of his bio from his website: “Joseph Burgo, Ph.D. has practiced psychotherapy for more than 30 years, holding licenses as a marriage and family therapist and clinical psychologist. He […]

On the Problem with Depression: guest post by Dr. Douglas Watt


    It frequently comes as quite a shock when people learn that depression is now the most expensive condition facing Western societies, when you put together the cost of treatment with the cost of lost productivity (including the devastating cost of total disability for an unfortunate few who are knocked off the road completely […]

Health and Healthcare in an Evolutionary Perspective : by Dr. Doug Watt


  We are dangerously close in the United States to spending 20% of our GNP on healthcare – this year it will top $3.2 trillion or ~$10,000 per person.  Yet we lag behind virtually all other Western democracies in nearly every health biomarker, including longevity, where we rank an astonishing 34th, despite being the wealthiest […]

How Oscar Wilde Cured My Depression


By: Erin Stair, MD, MPH When I became depressed, I was also anxious, stressed, sleep-deprived, eating terribly and poorly focused. I was everything BAD and the embodiment of the Chicken/Egg dilemma, as I had no way of knowing if poor sleep and a terrible diet were leading to my depressed and anxious state, or vice […]

Just One Question: For the World’s Krav Maga Expert, Moshe Katz, on a Woman’s Ability vs. a Man’s.


Hi guys! Today I have the distinct pleasure of posting just one question with just one answer from my friend and Krav Maga expert,  Moshe Katz. Moshe is the founder and CEO of Israeli Krav International.   He has practiced martial arts for 30 years and is certified by Wingate, Israel’s national martial arts certification board. […]

Wellness Hero: Holly Christensen, Founder of The Magic Yarn Project, Helping Kids with Cancer AND Female Prisoners!


I had the great pleasure of doing an interview with Holly Christensen, who is the founder of Alaska- based The Magic Yarn Project.  Her story recently went viral, but in case you missed it, The Magic Yarn Project is about creating Disney-styled princess wigs for kids with cancer. As Holly mentioned, “It’s been so fulfilling to […]

Guest Post by Susan Hayes: Mother of Jillian Hayes, her Beautiful Daughter who Died from Melanoma in 2012.


I’m honored to post a guest blog written by Susan Hayes, the incredible mom of Jillian Hayes. Jillian was a beautiful girl and avid soccer player who was diagnosed  with Stage IV Melanoma in 2010, when she was just a teenager.  When I first started talking to Susan, I said to her, “Your daughter looks […]

Wellness Expert Interview with Harvard Cardiologist & Founder of, Dr. Michael Gibson


I’m thrilled to have done an interview with Dr. Michael Gibson for the Blooming Wellness Expert Short-Interview series. Dr. Gibson is an interventional cardiologist, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, leader of his own academic research team, PERFUSE, and is considered the cardiologist who pioneered our understanding of the “Open Artery Hypothesis.”  He […]

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