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Causes Or Cures New Episode: Interview with Dr. Michael Hengartner on Antidepressant Withdrawal and Effectiveness

Causes Or Cures New Episode: Interview with Dr. Michael Hengartner on Antidepressant Withdrawal and Effectiveness

  Some people call it the “War On Antidepressants” and others call it the “War Over Antidepressants.” Either way, antidepressants are in the news a lot, most recently related to the topic of withdrawal. Many doctors and stakeholders believe that antidepressant withdrawal ( what happens when you stop taking the drug) lasts, on average, up […]

Causes Or Cures Episode Two: An Interview with Amanda Anderson about Opioids, Marijuana & Pain Refugees

Causes Or Cures Episode Two: An Interview with Amanda Anderson about Opioids, Marijuana & Pain Refugees

The second episode of my podcast Causes Or Cures is posted! Can I just add that, as long as my dog doesn’t have a barking fit, a podcast is so much easier than interviewing folks, recording them and then transcribing them? If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you know I’ve done a lot […]

Causes Or Cures Podcast Episode One: An Interview with Del Bigtree, Producer of Vaxxed


I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my Causes Or Cures Podcast, the essence of which is one question: Is this a Cause OR is this a Cure? The Causes Or Cures Podcast will be conducted in interview format, because let’s face it: I’ll get boring. Don’t expect anything high tech, because I’m doing this […]

Hospital Rooms: Helping Those with Mental Illness Through Art


Interview by Erin Stair, MD, MPH Greetings, everyone! Recently I had the pleasure of doing an interview with artist Tim Shaw and curator Niamh White, the founders of Hospital Rooms. The mission of Hospital Rooms is to “bring world class art to mental health hospitals.”  I randomly stumbled across their Instagram account and was blown […]

Do Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kanye West Influence How We Vote? A Chat with Dr. David Jackson:


Interview by Erin Stair, MD, MPH I wish all celebrities well, but I don’t care about who they vote for, what products they buy, what food they eat, what clothes they wear, what wellness trend they jump on, or what causes they support. I’ve never cared. If I want advice, I listen to people who […]

Chat with Steve Dakh, co-founder of cryptocurrency Ethereum & creator of the KryptoKit Wallet


Dr. Erin here. I’m excited to post a really intriguing conversation I had here in New York City with Steve Dakh, one of the co-founders of the blockchain Ethereum, as well as one of the creators of KryptoKit, a wallet for cryptocurrencies. Steve is the horse’s mouth when it comes to crypto: He knows everything […]

Radiation Expert Dr. Andy Karam on EMF & Cell Phone Risk


Andy is a friend and internationally recognized expert on all things radiation. He’s the former in-house radiation/nuclear expert for NYPD’s Counter-terrorism unit and travels all over the world giving lectures on all things radiation and nuclear. I will include his impressive bio at the end of this piece, as well as a link to his […]

Political Reductionism and Social Media: The Perfect Brain Poison & A Possible Antidote


Since I was in middle school, I’ve never liked the idea of latching on to any political ideology as truth. Why do I have to pick a side? Wouldn’t my views evolve as I aged? Won’t specific issues become less or more important to me as I get older and, hopefully, wiser? Wouldn’t I have […]

Dr. Gonzalo M. Vazquez-Prokopec on Predicting and Preventing Mosquito-Borne EIDs like Dengue Fever


From nuclear war to mass shootings, we worry about a lot of things that could kill a lot of people. I mostly worry about emerging infectious diseases or EIDs. It could be a vector-borne disease, like ones transmitted by mosquitoes. Dengue fever is an example. It could be a zoonotic disease, or one that jumps […]

World Boxing Champion Mia St. John on Her Current Fight: The State-Sponsored Mental HealthCare System

Mia St Onge

                A conversation between Mia St. John and Erin Stair, MD, MPH I’m thrilled to feature Mia St. John who is famous for her exceptionally successful international boxing career, most notably being a five time World Boxing champion. Mia is no longer boxing, but she’s still fighting, and […]

Dr. Walsh, Nutritional Medicine Guru and Founder of the Walsh Research Institute: What is the Significance of Nutritional Therapies and Mental Disorders?


        Can the right supplement combination improve mood? Today I’m posting an interview I conducted with Dr. William Walsh, nutritional medicine guru, author of Nutrient Power and founder and president of the Walsh Research Institute.  Dr. Walsh conducts physician training programs in advanced biochemical/nutrient therapies. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and […]

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