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Polygamy and Mental Health: A Conversation with SisterWives Founders Robyn & Chris Alesich


Interview & Blog by Dr. Erin Stair Hi guys. Below is a fun, casual, organic, informative and entertaining conversation I had with Christopher and Robyn Alesich. They are married to each other, polygamists and founders of SisterWives.Com, the largest polygamy dating site and the only polygamy matchmaking site on the web. They were also delightful […]

Heart Disease Awareness: It’s February 2nd, Wear Red


Today is February 2nd, and hopefully you are wearing RED to help promote awareness for heart disease in women.  The American Heart Association, an organization that funds research and educates the public on all things heart disease, is doing a special fundraising campaign today- #WearRedandGive. If you click here, you can donate. I’m sure we […]

Top Wellness Headlines from Around the World for the Week


  Hi guys- It’s important to be informed. Here are Barnaby’s top wellness headlines from around the world for this week. They include: Expensive craps; Surfers having more of something than anyone else; Overdosing on Viagra;  Tapeworms in Sushi;  and Fabulous Bedside Manner. 😉 All of these wellness headlines are real and easily “google-able” if […]

Teen Depression & Anxiety: Why Is the Teen Brain So Vulnerable? By Trevor McDonald


Whenever we hear of extreme bullying that involved children or teens, we are outraged and rightfully so. As teen suicide rates are reaching alarming highs, this sensitive issue hits a collective nerve. But does bullying actually cause depression? What Causes Teen Depression and Anxiety? In truth, there is still a lot we don’t know about […]

Umbrella Reflections in NYC: Don’t Let the Rain Cloud Your Brain.


Bad weather makes for bad moods, just like good weather makes for good moods. It’s pretty simple, and I don’t think anyone would deny that relationship. If you are even slightly prone to depression, rainy, cloudy days can increase your emotional angst exponentially. A string of rainy days can send a depressed person spiraling downwards, […]

Dear Mental Health “Professionals” Diagnosing Trump from A Distance- by Dr. Eeks


Dear Mental Health “Professionals” diagnosing Trump from a distance, Thank you for providing supporting evidence that giving someone a mental diagnosis is a completely unscientific and subjective endeavor. You’ve done nothing but shovel dirt from the ground for your grave.  I sincerely hope psychiatric patients, their families, mental health advocates and anyone who has every […]

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