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Don’t Tell Me to Shut Up: The ‘Et Tu, Brute’ Stigma of Mental Illness: On Psych Central


After sharing my eccentric journey to recovery in a new book, I’ve been accused of being anti-psychiatry. I’m not anti-psychiatry. I’m only anti-psychiatry if it means questioning the long-term efficacy of antidepressants, drug-biased research and the accuracy of making quick diagnoses without objective evidence. I’m anti-psychiatry if it means campaigning for a better mental health […]

Hypnobirthing During Pregnancy


By: Erin Stair, MD, MPH Hypnobirthing during pregnancy is gaining traction in the United States, and more and  more birth professionals are becoming certified as hypnobirthing instructors. It’s already hugely popular overseas, and a lot of my ZENBand customers are pregnant women who use the bands for hypnobirthing. Still, many people in the states don’t […]

Manic Kingdom: Interview with Psych Central about My Book & The Ambiguity of Diagnosing Mental Illness

Manic Kingdom: Interview with Psych Central about My Book & The Ambiguity of Diagnosing Mental Illness

Below is a video interview I did with Gabe Howard and The Psych Central Podcast about my book Manic Kingdom, mental illness and embracing ambiguity.  I will admit that I was caught off guard during the interview, because I didn’t realize it was expected that each guest has a mental illness diagnosis. ( I should […]

Polygamy and Mental Health: A Conversation with SisterWives Founders Robyn & Chris Alesich


Interview & Blog by Dr. Erin Stair Hi guys. Below is a fun, casual, organic, informative and entertaining conversation I had with Christopher and Robyn Alesich. They are married to each other, polygamists and founders of SisterWives.Com, the largest polygamy dating site and the only polygamy matchmaking site on the web. They were also delightful […]

Heart Disease Awareness: It’s February 2nd, Wear Red


Today is February 2nd, and hopefully you are wearing RED to help promote awareness for heart disease in women.  The American Heart Association, an organization that funds research and educates the public on all things heart disease, is doing a special fundraising campaign today- #WearRedandGive. If you click here, you can donate. I’m sure we […]

Top Wellness Headlines from Around the World for the Week


  Hi guys- It’s important to be informed. Here are Barnaby’s top wellness headlines from around the world for this week. They include: Expensive craps; Surfers having more of something than anyone else; Overdosing on Viagra;  Tapeworms in Sushi;  and Fabulous Bedside Manner. 😉 All of these wellness headlines are real and easily “google-able” if […]

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