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New Poll! Fish Therapy: Blooming Wellness or WTFness?


Lets take a poll! 😉 Do you think Fish Therapy is blooming Wellness or WTFness? (Being an asthmatic, I was especially intrigued by this one.) Here’s the scoop: In the city of Hyderabad lives the Goud family,  self-proclaimed alternativemedicine practitioners. Thousands of people come to see them for “Fish medicine.” Fish medicine involves a fish, which […]

Beware of the Label : When Someone Calls You Crazy, Take Your Salt Grains


 I write jokes for me and others sometimes. Here’s one of my favorites: “Knock Knock!” “Who’s There?” “Ann” “Ann Who?” “Anhedonia!! “ 😉      A pet peeve of mine is the idea that people aren’t ever supposed to be melancholic, passionate, depressed, angry, ecstatic or experience the highs and lows of the emotional rollercoaster. In […]

The Thanksgivafication of Life


 Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. The act of giving thanks is being prescribed by conventional doctors in the form of “positive activity prescriptions,” since some evidence shows “giving thanks” promotes mental and physical well-being.  As a self-experiment ( you know how I love those) measure your heart rate and blood pressure before you write a list of […]

The New Year Reminds Me of the Simplest, Cheapest Thing You can Do for Your Health! ;)


I hope, wherever you are, you look with hope and excitement toward the coming year. After all, it’s a fresh start and a convenient opportunity to make a commitment to improve yourself in 2013.  It is an opportunity we all should eagerly seize, because no matter how great, fit, wonderful, charitable, beautiful or smart we […]

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