3 Crucial Reasons for Oral Hygiene


  By: Daniel Click   Our teeth, lips, gums, and tongue are the keepers of our oral passageway. They all provide fundamental functions for the use of eating, communicating and preventing disease. It is important that you keep your oral hygiene to a high standard. With a lack of hygiene comes greater risk for infection, […]

Simple Home Water Filtration Solutions


By: Tara Guillen There are a number of things that are essential to the survival and well-being of humans (and animals). Aside from breathe which we really do not have to do much to access, the two other most important needs of humans and all living things are food and water. Humans therefore tend to […]

Are You Taking Care of Your Ears?


By: Daniel Trick It’s not necessarily something that you will always think about, but taking care of your ears is nonetheless very important, and something that you should be focusing on at least to some degree. The trouble is that it is the kind of thing that people often overlook until it is too late, […]

Health Tips for Working from Home


By: Daniel Trick The ability to work from home is great in so many ways, but like everything else it has its downsides, and one of those downsides is that working from home can have negative health implications. A big reason for this is the prolonged sitting invlolved since people who work from home tend […]

What’s Keeping You Up at Night


Do you find it difficult to get to sleep at night? Or perhaps falling asleep isn’t a problem, but you constantly wake up and have a poor quality of sleep when you are able to get some. Either way, this could be a big problem for you as it will leave you very fatigued and […]

Alternative Routes to Nursing


Want to pursue a career as a nurse? The most traditional route into nursing involves studying a three to four year course at a university, graduating as a fully-licensed nurse. However, there are other routes that you can take if this doesn’t work for you. Here are some of the alternative routes into nursing.   […]

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