When Chronic Pain is a Mental Handicap Too


By:  Raven Swanson When the word handicap is suddenly thrown into the conversation, the first image that comes to mind is one of a wheelchair. A handicap is, typically, something that the rest of the population – the non-handicapped part of the population to be more precise – imagines they can identify at first glance. […]

Taking No Chances with Your Health


By: Jane Delaney It does sometimes feel like we focus our energies on the wrong things. We can get all worked up about, say, what we’re going to wear, or a sports match, yet overlook things like our work, long-term prosperity, and our health. This last one, in particular, is especially important. It’s easy to […]

Reducing Anxiety Naturally

By: Jade Jones Having some anxiety in life from time to time can be pretty normal, and just a part of life. It can be part and parcel of living in the modern world, and be a result of living in a chaotic environment. Some anxiousness can be a result of worry because you plan […]

3 Alternatives to a Care Home


By: Raven Sharpe Nobody likes to think about needing extra care or the possibility that your loved ones may need that extra support in the future however it’s not a secret that some of us do end up needing that extra bit of support to get through our daily activities. Most people will jump straight […]

Five Ways to Help with Body Pain


By : Raven Sharpe There can often be times when we have unexplained body pain. Whether it’s in the muscles or bone, this pain can often be uncomfortable and hard to manage. So when it happens, it’s worth trying different ways to see if you can help combat it in some way. Here are five […]

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