Depressed? Send in the Clowns! Read on to see how Laughing can Save your Life!


“If you can’t laugh, begin laughing”  I love when science supports clichés. Truly.  A few blogs ago I discussed the vital relationship between food and mood which supports the old adage, “You are what you eat.”  Another popular saying is, “Laughter is the best medicine.”  Well, guess what? It is, and science is finally catching […]

If You Sleep Bad, You will Get Sick, Depressed and Stressed: Here are Ways to Sleep Better:


  If you’re not sleeping, you’ll get sick. It’s that simple. Continue reading to discover tips for helping you get a great night’s sleep.According to the Harvard Medical School’s published Mental Health Letter, 50-80 percent of psychiatric patients suffer from sleep disturbances, compared to 10-18 percent of the normal population.  Traditionally, sleep disturbances are regarded as […]

KAVA-KAVA, a Natural Treatment for Your Anxiety: Here’s the Scoop and the Sprinkles:


    Many people are turning to natural supplements and teas to treat their anxiety issues, since a lot of the medication has nasty side effects.  This blog covers Kava-Kava, its side effects, profile and pertinent research. Though research traditionally lags behind in the realm of alternative and natural, mental health, smaller studies have been […]

New Poll! Fish Therapy: Blooming Wellness or WTFness?


Lets take a poll! 😉 Do you think Fish Therapy is blooming Wellness or WTFness? (Being an asthmatic, I was especially intrigued by this one.) Here’s the scoop: In the city of Hyderabad lives the Goud family,  self-proclaimed alternativemedicine practitioners. Thousands of people come to see them for “Fish medicine.” Fish medicine involves a fish, which […]

Mood Improving Sounds: An Earful of Binaural Beats and Singing Bowls for fighting Depression, Anxiety and Stress!


In the realm of utilizing the 5 senses to obtain and maintain a great mood, listening to preferred, soothing sounds is an effective way for our ears to help us do so.  Think of how you feel when you are listening to the melodic voice of the ocean and compare that with how you feel […]

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