ZENBands: What are They, the Holiday Travel Style and Travel Anxiety Version:

ZENBands: What are They, the Holiday Travel Style and Travel Anxiety Version:

  Hey gang, I wanted to take a minute and share a video from our Instagram page that explains the ZENBand a bit more. I’m posting it now, during the holiday season, because a lot of folks use the ZENBand as a travel gadget. If you combine it with our ZENTones, especially the anxiety-reducing ZENTones, […]

Cranberries and Urinary Tract Infections: Do they work? When and Why do they work?


Who has had a UTI? I think we all have, so hopefully my little drawing to the left is relatable. If you get a UTI, “Urine for it” is right. The urgency, the stinging, the frequency…not a good time. Chronic UTIs are awful. Doctors will prescribe antibiotics, but they often lead to yeast infections and […]

Fish Oil/ Omega 3s for Depression: The Evidence Both For & Against, Part 2


In the last blog I explained the different theories for depression. They’re will probably be 20 more theories in 20 years, but that’s how research and science works.  What follows is a current comprehensive summary of the studies that support using omega-3 fatty acids for depression and the studies that don’t.  Before you go on,  […]

The Many Theories of Depression that You’ve Never Heard Of: How Omega Three Fatty Acids Might Help


Part I: The Theories of Depression:  Major Depression is a chronic, disabling illness that affects millions of people worldwide. The World Health Organization predicts it will become the main cause of disability by the year 2020, for both developed and developing nations. Treating depression is expensive. It is estimated that depression will cost us 13.4 […]

Do Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kanye West Influence How We Vote? A Chat with Dr. David Jackson:


I wish all celebrities well, but I don’t care about who they vote for, what products they buy, what food they eat, what clothes they wear, what wellness trend they jump on, or what causes they support. I’ve never cared. If I want advice, I listen to people who have experience or credentials related to […]

Unpasteurized Manuka Honey for Scars, Burns, Wrinkles: A Skin Panacea


  Honey, the sweet treat made from bees, has been used for thousands of years as an antibacterial ointment and topical wound healer. I’m a big fan of Manuka, and I’ll mention why below. Also, not all honey is created equally. While you can use the regular ol’ honey purchased in grocery stores, research has shown […]

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