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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

-World Health Organization’s Definition of  health

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Blooming Wellness is a holistic wellness community, website, blog & online store run by  Dr. Eeks (ErinKate Stair, MD, MPH) , with the help of numerous holistic health enthusiasts. We like to keep “wellness” simple, rooted in common sense, attainable, affordable and natural.We always provide evidence for topics covered and make reference when there isn’t much evidence. Check out Erin’s blog and find natural health and lifestyle advice, product reviews, personal stories, interviews and many more gems of wisdom. We really try to keep everything simple and resort to nature and common sense as our number one teachers. Erin is also the author of Manic Kingdom and the creator of ZENBands, so check them out in our wellness store!



Things we don’t do: We don’t give out medical advice.

To contact Erin with any questions, including medical writing and data analysis services, please write: erin@bloomingwellness.com

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Note: Humans love to be tribal and take sides. Too often you’ll see blogs or websites that side with western medicine or those that side with alternative medicine, and then one side religiously bashes the other. This website isn’t like that. We always listen and hope to remain humble. We try to keep a balance between western approaches to diseases as well as more natural and holistic ones. There’s good and bad in both, and we don’t take sides…, unless it’s the world cup.


NOTE: This blog should NOT replace your Doctor’s Advice. What we do is provide information on interesting health and wellness topics.  And tell you stories. And make you laugh. We do not respond to questions about how to treat medical illnesses.



For your knowledge, please know that none of our statements have been evaluated by the FDA, nor should they replace or serve as medical advice. This is an informational site only. 

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