Neuticles: Testicular Implants for Dogs and More

What the heck are Neuticles? They are testicular implants for dogs and more. On the street, they are known simply as fake balls. 😉

Now, if you’ve never heard of Neuticles, you aren’t alone. A lot of people haven’t. I happen to know what they are because my dad, a veterinarian, once had a client who requested a pair for his dog. I was stunned such a product existed. In short, they are custom-made testicular implants for dogs, however as you’ll learn from the podcast, other kinds of animals have a pair of Neuticles, including monkeys and at least one elephant. True story. (Apparently a rich guy in New York bought a pair of Neuticles for his elephant. How many rich guys from New York would do that? 😉 )

In this podcast, I was thrilled to connect with Greg Miller, the inventor of Neuticles, to learn more about them and him. How the heck did such an invention come about? In this podcast, you’ll hear me talk to Greg about the psychology behind Neuticles, for both the animal and the animal’s caretaker, the most common customer request Greg gets (It’s outrageous but predictable), who gets Neuticles and why they get Neuticles. If you’re into celebrities, he drops some celebrity names who apparently have dogs with Neuticles. Greg also talks about his own interesting story, where he started in life and how he ended up inventing and making a fortune on pet testicular implants. He also gives some great life advice at the end that, as irony would have it,  is completely unrelated to testicles. That said, you do need balls, in the metaphorical sense, to get anywhere in this life. This is a highly entertaining and informative podcast ,so enjoy it. To listen, click here: All things Neuticles.

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