What Does it Take to Achieve the Idea of Closure?

By: Jade Jones

That idea of closure is something that many people find comforting. Whether you are trying to alleviate certain symptoms of depression or you are going through a bad time and just need to put it behind you, closure can feel like a lot of weight being taken off you. But when it comes to achieving this, is it something that’s easily done, or is closure a very natural end to a journey?

What Do You Need Closure From?

You need to find out what you are holding onto, whether it’s a physical or emotional ailment, and if you are using this to stay stuck in a certain frame of mind, and keeping the problem from being resolved, this can stop you moving towards the future. Sometimes, we actively avoid the idea of dealing with something because it’s too painful. But this is when we need to find the appropriate help to make those first steps towards closure, whether it’s a personal injury law firm undertaking legal action or telling yourself that it’s now time to move on, and creating a certain ritual for yourself. Whatever it is, identifying if it’s something that can be resolved with closure has to be firmly embedded in your mind.

Have You Really Grieved The “Loss?”

When we let something go, closure may not follow. Grieving the loss becomes a process that we need to embrace, no matter how upsetting it may feel at the time. Never forget, the very act of crying is cleansing, and it is something we always feel better having done. Grieving the loss is something that takes its own amount of time. There is no set limit.

What’s Going To Happen After Closure Is Achieved?

You may very well wish for closure to come and go quickly so you can move on with your life. It takes as long as it takes, but what you can do in the meantime is begin to prepare for a new beginning, as this will invigorate you, and even help you work towards closure with a more healthy approach. Sometimes, closure isn’t what we think it is, but we will have still come to a logical conclusion about something. It’s important that we don’t spend all our hopes on the idea of putting something behind us, especially if we don’t understand what we’re trying to get rid of in the first place. But, with any idea of closure, it’s the way for us to move on. Life happens, and we need to put certain things behind us so we can function.

Some people don’t believe in the idea of closure, but if it’s something that can provide a sense of meaning to your life it’s important that you embrace this. Closure doesn’t necessarily have to mean putting an incident behind you; it could be about you telling yourself that you are making changes for the better. Life has various cycles, and when we feel that we don’t know if something is going to pass, we can learn from the teachings of Boethius, who said that time is but a wheel. Put simply, good times will pass, but so will the bad.


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