Jacksonville Invisalign- The State of the Art Device

By: Naomi Creed

It is the easiest to wear the dental device being mobile and having the structure of a collar, and from an aesthetic point of view, it is ideal because it is transparent. Invisalign in Jacksonville FL is a modern procedure for straightening teeth without brackets or wires, the last generation and invisible orthodontic treatment. Invisalign comes from Invisible aligners.

Patients who have full permanent teeth can use this dental appliance. It is recommended by in situations where the patient comes to the dental office having the following dental problems:

  • crowded teeth, rotated or overlapped
  • inverse occlusion, open or deep but covered
  • unsightly spaced teeth

We are what we convey, and the smile is certainly the first business card we offer to those around us just before the actual contact, that’s why we want to have a perfect, beautiful and healthy smile. We know that the news that you have to wear a dental appliance can scare you from the unsightly look, but we give you good news: straightening your teeth is more aesthetic and lighter than ever! If you have not made the courage to start an orthodontic treatment by thinking about brackets, wires, and elastic, it is now time to go to the dental office and get the smile much dreamed with Invisalign, the invisible dental appliance. What is Invisalign, what are the advantages of tooth trimming with Invisalign, what is the price of the Invisalign dental appliance? We’ll tell you below.


  • the patient does not have to go often to the dental office to make various adjustments
  • the device is invisible, the latest generation that solves dental problems (malposition) in a most efficient and modern way
  • the device is mobile and can be removed before the patient can eat or wash his teeth
  • the device provides safety, precision, comfort and speed
  • compared to the rest of the dental appliances, it is 100% personalized, depending on the clinical situation of each patient
  • In the process of realizing the apparatus, digital technology is used
  • since the patient can remove this device, it has no restrictions on the foods it can consume
  • due to the advantage that this dental device has, which can be lowered by the patient, the optimal level of hygiene is maintained regardless of the duration of the treatment he/she has to observe
  • the device acts on each tooth in part, moving the teeth in the correct position

The price of a dental appliance

We all hold on to our image, wanting to be pleasant to those around us. A beautiful smile and a healthy mouth can be easily noticed, leaving a good impression about us. But the price of a beautiful and healthy smile for those with dental aesthetics or functionality can be high.

To wear such a dental appliance, the price varies depending on the clinical case each patient has, depending on the severity of the situation and the duration of the treatment. To get an estimate of the treatment with this device, contact us and schedule a consultation with your orthodontist.

A person’s teeth tell a long story about the person, and who does not want that story to be a beautiful one with a happy ending?

Millions of smiles are based on the Invisalign dental device. It is suitable for adolescents and adults who want to make their smile effective and comfortable — less time spent in the dental office for adjustments. See here.

It does not affect the social life

We know the thought that everyone will see you with brackets scares you. With an Invisalign dental appliance, you can always release it for an activity.

It’s easy to take out

You can take it out to eat and wash your teeth. It is comfortable, without irritation, without any problems. You will forget that you have a device. You are unique, so is the treatment of each patient.

Read this:

The duration of treatment depends on each problem. In general, the most common problems, and requiring repair, are overcrowded teeth, teeth with large spaces between them and occlusions. In the case of occlusions, they can be crossed, deep or inverse. Any of these problems require treatment and is generally within one to two years.

Make sure you have a nice smile and let the people around you admire it. Enjoy your strong and healthy teeth.

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