Here’s How to Find a Good Massage Therapist

By: Tracy Adams

Massaging refers to the art of rubbing and kneading the muscles to bring about relaxation and upsurge the flow of blood and oxygen to body tissues. Usually, the practitioner exerts a mild pressure on the affected body parts. An individual who has mastered the art of massage is referred to as a massage therapist.

Massage therapy involves so many things and that is why you have to be careful in order to get the best experience. There are different types of massage and each may be done for a specific purpose. For instance, Swedish massage best fit individuals trying massage for the first time, or they are simply new. It is also good for those who are subtle to touch or with much tension. Its main purpose is to eliminate muscle knots. However, you may have to undress for this type of massage and this is where you need to be careful with the choice of therapists. There have been cases of abuse and you don’t want to experience this. Additionally, there is a deep tissue type of massage which involve intense pressure compared to Swedish. There is also a sports massage which focuses on individuals who are prone to injury. These are just three of the many forms of therapy that we have.

Like in any other therapy, the experience you receive from massage therapy largely depends on the experience of the therapist. That is why we said the choice that you make may determine the outcome of the treatment. I a full body massage, you will be required to undress and matters to do with privacy are so sensitive. So what can you do? Well, look for a good therapist. We acknowledge the fact that it is not easy to get a good massage therapist. In this discussion, we will help you with some basic tips you can always use in your search. But let us begin with a brief discussion on why it is not easy to get a good therapist.

Why It Is Difficult To Come By a Good Therapist

Maybe you are new to this treatment and you are wondering where to start from. Well, we want to assure you that it is possible to get a good therapist. Nevertheless, the effort is required. There are so many benefits that will result from your efforts. The following are some of the reasons why it is not easy to get one:

  • The rate of turnover is quite high. In most cases, therapists quit the profession at earlier for such reasons as injuries sustained and health conditions emanating from daily massaging.
  • It is a tiring profession and therapist often get discouraged
  • Training and certification requirements are not the same and often depends on the region. It is extremely difficult to get an appropriate direction when it comes to choosing a certified therapist.
  • Insurance requirements for massage are quite unrealistic and so discouraging.
  • Some therapists have dubious and inconsistent values and experiences which are not in harmony with medical science.

With these challenges, you would actually expect it to be difficult, but as we mentioned, you can successfully get one. In fact, there is a good number of skilled and ethical therapist out there. I fact, some massage centers, such as My Home Therapy have reputable therapists who even visit homes of clients for the sessions. Let us see what you can do to get one.

How to Get an Appropriate Massage Therapist

  • Set Your Goals and Requirements. Planning is important. There is something that you want to attain by enrolling to this therapy. The reason why you want the treatment will determine the kind of a therapist you will work with. The following are some common goals that people set:
  1. a) Pain elimination and injury treatment
  2. b) Optimization of workout
  3. c) Enhancing body flexibility
  4. d) Improving health and fitness
  5. e) Stress elimination

From such goals, it can be easier to establish the type of therapy that fits you. Besides, it is imperative to share this goal with the therapist in your first appointment. This will help to design a plan that suits your objectives and expectations. Many people fall into the trap of looking for a therapist suggested by friends or their physicians. Note that people have different goals and it is what you specifically want that matters.

  • Look for referrals. It is important to look for suggestions from friends and neighbors who have undergone the treatment. You will, perhaps, get some good recommendations. Besides, you can talk to your doctor. Physicians often have names of licensed and certified therapists with specialization in various areas. Looking at your requirements, they can suggest the best therapist for you. They will always take into consideration your health condition. Moreover, you can look for information from massage schools as well as associations of therapists. You can also look for information online. If you seek referrals, there are chances that you will get the best suggestions. Do your evaluation and select the one you feel can help you attain your goals.
  • Reexamine your preferences. Why is it important to consider what you specifically want? Because the therapist often focuses on your well-being, comfort, and relaxation in the course of the session. For instance, the gender of the therapist may be an issue of concern to you. You may not be comfortable with a female therapist. Preference includes other things such as location and costs.
  • Do research on the therapist you have selected. Gather all the material information about him/her. Gather a set of questions you can ask in advance. You may ask about the strategies used during the session.
  • Look for customer reviews. It is important to look at reviews from past clients and their experiences. The reviews will not be the same but will help you get to discern the reputation. Also, be careful to consider reviews from genuine sources.

Is it difficult to get one? Are these steps difficult to follow?


It is difficult to get a good massage therapist. Nevertheless, you can successfully get one. This blog has discussed some basic tips that can prove handy in this regard. Follow them and make the right choice. You know your body best than anyone and that is why it is important to consider what you want. It may be unthinkable to blame the therapist if get harm due to a poor massage if he or she is not completely aware of what your body needs.


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