Will Your Diet Really Improve your Mental Well-being?

By: Sheila Jones

The answer to this question is an emphatic yes, but it’s worth taking a deeper dive here. On the most basic level, there are multiple examples of the food we eat changing our mood and state of mind. Indeed, it seems there is some truth to the phrase ‘you are what you eat.’ Not literally of course but certainly on a more abstract level.


Let’s take chocolate as an example of this. It’s true, chocolate is loaded with the same chemicals that provide the feelings we get when we experience love. So what this means is that the love you might feel for your candy bar isn’t completely crazy. If you eat a lot of chocolate this feeling can become stronger and yes, you might even develop an addiction to chocolatey goodness.


Since chocolate is loaded with sugar, it can also provide a high followed by a low, not totally different from the type you experience when you get high though not on the same level.


So, now we know that what you eat or drink does impact your mental well-being, let’s explore some of the changes you can make.


Try A Mediterranean Diet


There is some evidence to suggest that a complete rejig of your diet will provide benefits to your mental health. Particularly, if you are suffering from issues such as clinical depression. For instance, one study found that participants with depression were significantly better after 12 weeks once they had started embracing the Mediterranean diet. This includes starchy foods, legumes and plenty of vegetables as well as fruits. Healthy oils are also highly recommended here. Another study found that following this diet you are 50% less likely to experience the symptoms of depression.


Avoid Substances That Are Bad For You


You probably think we’re talking about just alcohol and similar addictive substances here. It’s true if you think that you have a dependency on a substance like this, you should consider getting help. According to Lake Wellness Center and similar companies, recognizing the issue is always going to be the first step.


But it’s always worth noting that any substance in excess can be bad for you. For instance, a little salt is good for the bones. A lot and you will increase your chances of heart disease. Similarly, sugary foods and junk food can trigger a dependency which will make you moody and irritable when you don’t have enough of it. Meanwhile, caffeine will actually impact the reactors in your brain that release the chemical to wake you up in the morning. So without that good old cup of joe, you will feel exhausted.


Get Your Dose Of Selenium


Selenium can be found in everything from broccoli to onions, chicken and seafood. Similar to other foods, selenium has been linked to anxiety, fatigue and insomnia. As such, it’s important to make sure that you are filling your diet with foods like this. You might find that it quickly improves your state of mind.


We hope this helps you realize that your mental wellbeing is certainly impacted by what you eat. As such, if you are feeling low, drained or anxious, it could be worth examining your diet.



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