3 Alternatives to a Care Home

By: Raven Sharpe

Nobody likes to think about needing extra care or the possibility that your loved ones may need that extra support in the future however it’s not a secret that some of us do end up needing that extra bit of support to get through our daily activities. Most people will jump straight to thinking that care is their only option but they would be wrong, there are alternatives to this have a look at these 3 other options for support when getting older.


Live In Care


This is a brilliant way of being able to stay in your own home at the same time as getting the help and support that you need. Live in care is where you have a support worker living in a spare room who is always on hand to help if you need it. Depending on the level of support that you may need will depend on how long and often someone will need to stay with you, but doing it this way allows you to swap and change the hours when you need to. It’s worth bearing in mind that having a spare room for someone to stay in would be a necessity and if you haven’t got this then looking at having a carer who can pop in at different times instead may be more useful for you.


Assisted Living


This becoming more and more popular as an option for people who need to have support at times but may not always need help. It’s a brilliant way to still remain independent with your own facilities and freedom to leave as and when you choose. It’s basically dedicated accommodation where you are able to live as normal but there is care staff, medical professional’s and nurses on-site. If you’re worst on some days than others or just feel more secure knowing that helps close by if you are going to need it then assisted living is definitely a brilliant option for you. It can be a really good choice for your loved ones if they need that help but aren’t ready to give up their independence.


Help From Family


Now, this may seem like a simple option but it’s not always an option. It doesn’t mean that your family doesn’t care or that you don’t care about them it simply means that life sometimes gets in the way, people tend to live with a really strict routine and to earn what they do to support each other takes a routine so sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Although there are a few options with how family could help, if several people are able to help out for a few hours week it could mean that there is no need for a care home or another option could be to consider a granny flat or guest suite been used and having an elderly relative live with you, it is kind of similar to assisted living but with family instead. Now, this isn’t always a viable option but definitely, one to be considered.


Do you have any other alternatives to a care home? Please share in the comments section below.


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