Top Tips On Staying Well At Work


By: Daniel Click

Without good health, we wouldn’t be able to do anything, and without work, most of us wouldn’t be able to do anything either, so the two need to go hand in hand and as most of spending the majority of our time at work, we need to be taking care of ourselves while we’re there, and here’s how:


Eat Sensibly

Many office workers complain that they find it challenging to eat healthily and sensibly and hold their waning willpower responsible for it. The office is an environment where there’s often treats, birthdays, rewards, and simply Fridays. So it can be hard not to munch on junk food or have a couple of calorific treats brought to the office by colleagues, but it is essential to exercise self-control and remember that moderation is vital. You do not need to avoid all junk food altogether but limit your consumption of it.


One of the best and simplest things you can do is to pay attention to what you eat for your main meals. If you can eat a good, filling breakfast in the morning, then make lunch a healthy salad or soup and fruit for afters, and try and avoid unhealthy, greasy food then you are halfway there. Avoid eating lunch at your office desk as much as you can, it’s not healthy for you to stay in one place anyway, but also leaving the office for a while will prevent you from overeating and give you with a short break. When that 3pm lull hits, it can be tricky but try to stay away from indulging in afternoon snacks, such as crisps and chocolates and biscuits with your tea. Snack on nuts, fruit, granola bars or healthy smoothies, to keep you feeling satisfied without giving you the sluggish feeling that you get from eating junk food. Then try to maintain a robust eating schedule in the evenings and then if you can take leftovers for lunch the next day then you’re sorted. One of the most common excuses people cite for not being in good shape is that they don’t have the time, well you have eight hours at work each day where you can manage what you eat and stay on track. If you eat right, you’ll also have the energy to exercise later.


Drink Plenty Of Water

Often when you’re concentrating on your work it can mean losing track of how much water you’re drinking in a day. However, it is really important that you drink enough to stay hydrated and active. Dehydration can cause drowsiness and sluggishness. It is always a good idea for you to drink between six and eight glasses of water every day. Depending on how much physical activity you do and where you live, you may need to consume more. Eating fresh, juicy fruits is also a good way to beat dehydration and hunger pangs too. If you struggle to drink enough water, download a Drinking Water Reminder app from the app store so you won’t forget.


Cut Down On Caffeine

Many office workers find it impossible to get through their day without consuming coffee, and this can be okay, but only as long as it’s in moderation. Try to cut down your caffeine consumption to one cup of coffee every morning to prevent a caffeine crash later in the day. Also, cut down the amount of sugar and cream you have in your coffee too to cut down on those calories.


Pay Attention To Your Posture

Maintaining good posture all day requires conscious effort. Many people who work at a desk and on a computer, stare into their screen for hours and slowly get drawn into it. This means you stretch their neck forward, which puts pressure on your neck and the spine. This can be avoided with the help of desk exercises. The most popular one entails chin retractions – or making a fake double chin — to support the neck and upper back.


Take Breaks Often

Most people want to finish their work so they can get out of the office on time. However, this does not mean that you should sit at your desk for hours in one go and not allow yourself a break. You may think that taking a break will mean that you are wasting your time rather than getting on with your work, but taking a break can actually be productive. Not taking a break from work can make you mentally sluggish, and ultimately reduce your creativity. Make a point of getting up and away from your desk every now and again for a few minutes. The idea is to take a break; rejuvenate, and be more productive.


Keep Your Desk Clean

It is essential to keep your workstation clean and organised – even just for your own sanity. Tidy it up five minutes before leaving for the day so that you return to a clean workspace the next morning. Keep some wipes or a surface spray and cloth handy, and use them to wipe the surface of your desk regularly.


Be Hygienic

Staying healthy also means being hygienic and this doesn’t just mean at home. You can take be hygienic at work too – simply keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on your desk because when you’re at work, it may not always be possible to step away from your office every time you want to wash your hands. But with your hand sanitizer ‘handy’, you can deal with situations that involve you coughing or sneezing, and stay healthy and germ-free.


Avoid Sick Employees.

This one is common sense but, still essential. You should always avoid close contact with employees who may be sick or show symptoms of cold or flu which you are likely to catch. Wash your hands if you’ve been around their workstation and let your office manager know about a sick employee if they aren’t already aware. If you’re sick yourself then it’s best not to come in to work but to stay home and recuperate so you don’t spread the infection to others.


Learn To Manage Stress.

Many of us lead hectic lives trying to juggle several roles and responsibilities, and this can leave us exhausted and end up getting to us from time to time – which is entirely reasonable. We can make life easier on ourselves by learning to manage stress, and one great way to do this is to do enjoyable things. This can include spending time with family or friends, watching films, reading books and going to the gym or the spa. The idea is to relax your mind by taking care of yourself and achieve a healthy balance.


Keep Fit

Staying in shape requires effort, and good health and fitness can’t be achieved overnight, which is why it is essential to incorporate certain habits into your daily routine even while you are at work. For example, take the stairs instead of the lift, walk or cycle to work if this is an option – if not and you take public transport then get off a stop early and walk that extra bit. You also might have heard of standing desks which have become rather popular as more and more people find that sitting for 40 hours each week isn’t great for them. Have a look into this if you think it might work for you. Also, get yourself a fitness tracker, so you make sure you’re getting enough steps in and moving around enough throughout the day even with just short stretch breaks now and then.


If your job doesn’t require you to sit at a desk but demands you to do physical labor, then this is great for the exercise part, but still, make sure you are eating right and taking enough breaks so you can be your best. Be careful though and if there is any risk of personal injury at work, then make sure you take good care and pay attention and should anything happen then speak to Scott C. Gottlieb about what you might be entitled to.


Get enough sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night or waking up in the mornings, then this isn’t going to help your performance at work. It is a common problem for many, and one trendy solution that works is to go to bed earlier! The hours before midnight are far more valuable for rejuvenation than those after midnight as one hour of sleep before is worth two after. By having a regular sleeping pattern, you can control your body clock helping to boost your memory, concentration, and well-being. When you go to bed, put your mobile phone and laptop away and make sure your bedroom is clean and tidy for a good night’s sleep.

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