The Toxic Thinking Top Three: Things That Are Draining Your Wellness

By: James Gleison

To be genuinely well we have to have a holistic approach, and that means not only looking at our diet and exercise but the way we think and deal with problems as well. In fact, often it is our thinking that is toxic long before we consume anything. To that end, check out our guide below on the top three toxic types of thinking that can drain your sense of wellbeing and happiness and how to better deal with them.

A Stress Mindset

This type of mindset can undoubtedly drain you of your well being because when we are stressed everything is rushed and busy. In fact, stressed people rarely have time to sit back and ‘smell the roses,’ or even practice a mindful approach because they are so focused on getting their tasks done, that they forget how they do those tasks also matters.


Of course, constantly being in a state of panic or stress is awful for your mind and body, and can result in all sorts of issues such as exhaustion and anxiety. To that end, it’s essential to get good at prioritizing what truly has to be done right now, and what can wait for tomorrow. It’s also a smart idea to realize that not every single thing we do needs to be perfect either, as this can help us to conserve our energy for the things that really matter in life.




Many people think of addiction as a physical illness, and while it has an embodied component, addiction first arises from the mind, and a particular way of thinking. In fact, many people that suffer from addiction believe that they cannot function without access to the substance that they are addicted to, something that means it’s incredibly difficult for them to break the cycle.


Of course, being reliant on something outside of ourselves and our own power can be a very toxic situation to be in. Not to mention the very real life toxins that we expose our bodies too when consuming addictive substances.


To that end, if you feel that addiction is becoming a problem in your life, it’s essential to get online and search for ‘sober living homes near me’ and get some help. After all, addiction treatment can help you not only purge the toxins from your body but help you to heal your mind and the underlying issues that are causing the addition as well.




Finally, when it comes to getting rid of toxic things, don’t forget about that little voice in your head that criticizes you all the time. Of course, we all have one, and we can never totally silence it, but what we can do instead is learn not to take as much notice of it, or connect with what it is saying.


In fact, some people find that it helps to imagine that there is a good wolf inside of them that represents love, acceptance, non-judgment, and peace, as well as a bad wolf that represents fear, pain and criticism. They then do there it best to act in a way that feeds and supports the good wolf, not listing to the bad, and so making it toxic influence much weaker.


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