How to Cope with Stress-Related Insomnia Naturally

By: Janelle Coplin

For those having sleep problems at night, life can be an overall living hell. Stress can have a large impact on our mental and physical health, and it often plagues our mind while we are attempting to fall asleep. If you want to cope with your stress-related insomnia naturally, here are a few ways in which to do so.

Improving Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene does not refer to how clean we are when we go to bed, it actually refers to our sleeping routine. The best way to coax our mind and body into a deep sleep is to have the same routine each morning and night so that our brain associates this routine with sleep and begins to settle down for the night. This means sleeping with no distractions (yes, that means switching off your mobile phone!) and sleeping at a similar time each night. You should also do the same things before bed such as reading a chapter of a book, brushing your teeth and having a drink of warm milk.

General Wellness Changes

Sleep-related insomnia can be worsened by things you do in the day. If you are suffering with insomnia, although it may be very difficult to avoid, do not drink caffeine. This could just worsen your symptoms and leave you hooked on the stuff. Don’t take a nap, however sleepy you feel and try to improve your overall wellness by eating healthy and exercising. These can all aid in improving your mood.


CBD oil is taken from cannabis, but does not make you high. Instead, this element has been proven to have many benefits to the body, such as aiding in relieving stress and anxiety, and there have been many preliminary studies done that show CBD oil aids in sleeping when suffering with stressors in your life. You can buy CBD oil online if you want to give it a go.


Meditation is a great way to overcome stress and help you feel more positive about outcomes. Meditating for just 10 minutes a day may help you overcome your negative mindset and this in turn will aid in you being able to sleep at night. There are many apps that you can download on your phone to help you start meditating today.


Yoga, much like meditation is about relaxing the mind. Unlike meditation though, yoga also brings your body into relaxation and provides your muscles with a well needed workout. Yoga can help you in overcoming any feelings of stress and aid you in sleeping for longer as your muscles need that sleep to aid in recovery. For those who don’t feel like a full body workout, yoga is a great and more relaxing alternative.


There are many natural scents that have been around for years and are proven to help us with our sleeping patterns and our moods. Aromatherapy includes using scents such as lavender to aid in our sleep quality and our overall mood. You can purchase lavender oils, sprays that you can use on bedding or pillows, or you can purchase your very own lavender plant.

Talking Therapies

If none of these are really getting to the root of your problem, it may be that you need to talk to someone about what is causing your stress-related insomnia. Talk to your doctor about the options available in your local area, whether this be talking with a therapist one-on-one or as a group to help in overcoming your problems or worries. Don’t suffer alone – even just talking to someone about what is causing you such stress can help with sleeping better at night.

Using these tips may help with your sleep-related insomnia, whether you try one from the list or combine them all.

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