Creating a Healthy Home Environment for Seniors

By: Daniel Click

As we age our needs change, after all, there aren’t many 50 years old with a house full of toys! Of course, as we approach our senior years they need will change again, and it is essential that this is reflected in our home surroundings for a happy and healthy life. Something you can read more about in my post below.

A clean and hygienic home

When we get into our senior years, it can be harder to keep on top of all the cleaning and tidying task that we used to take our stride. Of course, the critical thing here is to get some help with things that are becoming a particular concern such as vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

If you’re lucky you may be able to request assistance with such task from relatives, but if not it can be beneficial to get a professional cleaner in to help you stay on top of things. ¬†Of course, as older folks that are suffering from illness often have lower immune tolerance to infection, it is crucial that your home stays clean for your health and wellbeing.

An accessible home


Next, if you want a healthy home as you age, it’s vital that you can access the things that you need and do as much for yourself as possible, something that can be tough if you are suffering from mobility problems such as arthritis.


Luckily, there are aids to daily living that are available like grabbers, chair lifts, and even enhanced everyday items like cutlery that can help you to maintain as much as your independence as possible. Something that will ensure that your home isn’t just a physically healthy place for you to live, but a mentally healthy one as well.


A safe home


Home safety is always essential, but as we age, it becomes even more critical. In fact, safety in the home for elderly people can be split into two main categories.


The first is safety regarding the exterior of the property and preventing anyone unwanted from being able to access it. Luckily by using digital CCTV along with an alarm system, you can protect your property from these types of threats.


Additionally, your safety while in the home is essential as well, especially if you live alone. To that end, many older people choose to invest in a lifeline alarm which they can trigger if they have a fall or a medical emergency. This will then ensure that medical assistance gets to them as quickly as possible, and keep them safe and healthy while living in their home.


A happy home


While making changes to your property as you age, it is also crucial that the experience of living in your home remains a happy one.


With that in mind, remember to decorate your living space in a style and color that you enjoy, and surround yourself with your most treasured items. Also, don’t forget to keep your home as a place that is as open as possible to friends and family visiting. After all, it is often a sense of family and community that keep us happiest in our later years.


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