Aging Parents and Your Mental Well-being

By: Daniel Trick

It is not always easy to see your parent aging. When they start to need help with everyday things it can be emotionally draining for you as well as for them. They can feel frustrated with themselves and you could start to feel frightened about what the future holds for them. This is a typical reaction to seeing their functions diminish, but there is only so much you can do to help them. You still have your life to live and you should not feel guilty because you cannot dedicate all your time to them.


Assisted Living


This can be a solution to the problems experienced between children and their senior

parents. If your parents choose to live in this kind of accommodation, they have their own front door into their own space, but there are trained people in the complex to check on them every day. Keeping their independence can be important to elderly people, and assisted living lets them do that.


They are free to come and go as they please, to have visitors or to get involved in social events organized by the carers. But if they are unwell or need any sort of help, there is always someone on hand to ensure they get the care they need.


Nursing Homes


There can come a time when a nursing home is something that needs to be considered. Although most parents and children will fight against this solution, when they can no longer take care of their basic daily needs, it might be a necessity.  This can especially be the case if they develop some form of dementia.

Some people fear leaving their parents’ care totally to other people. They tend to think that no one will look after them as well as they could, and sometimes this is true. However, if your parents have to go into a nursing home and you think they are being neglected, or even abused, you can get help from a nursing home abuse attorney.  Sometimes, residents of nursing homes are scared to tell anyone how they are being treated, as they fear they will make it worse. But getting the right help for them will ensure that this does not happen and that their care is improved to the level it should be.


Set Up A Rota

Often, you will find that other family members and friends will be willing to help and all it needs is for you to ask. Trying to do everything yourself can be too much and eventually it will affect your mental well-being, no matter how much you love them.

If you set up a rota where you know they are being checked on every day and will get the shopping they need and other essential tasks done for them, it can help to take some of the burden from your shoulders.


Even just having a couple of days a week where you know someone else is taking care of their needs can help to make it easier for you to cope with the rest of the time.


Coping with the wide range of emotions as your parent’s age is not always simple, but if you let them affect your well being, you might not be up to caring for them anyway.


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