3 Crucial Reasons for Oral Hygiene


By: Daniel Click


Our teeth, lips, gums, and tongue are the keepers of our oral passageway. They all provide fundamental functions for the use of eating, communicating and preventing disease. It is important that you keep your oral hygiene to a high standard. With a lack of hygiene comes greater risk for infection, disease and general problems going forward. Teeth and oral health might be a last minute thought for some though there can be severe implications with not maintaining this aspect of cleanliness.

Not only does maintaining a high level of oral hygiene provide physical health benefits, but it also offers aesthetic benefits, which in turn, provides mental health benefits. As they say, “a healthy smile is a happy smile.” It’s not uncommon that someone will pay a large sum of money for a new set of teeth, teeth whitening or any other teeth cleaning procedures. Which not only goes to prove that people care about their teeth, but you should do as much as you can to avoid paying out for these procedures.

Preventing disease

Disease prevention should always be at the top of anyone’s list, especially this list. It’s obvious that no one is out there looking for things to go wrong, but you run the risk of gum disease and others without maintaining a regular cleaning routine. With brushing, flossing and keeping your mouth clean and fresh, you can be sure to minimize the likelihood for any infections or disease.


If you’re serious about the prevention of disease, infection and improving/maintaining your dental well being, there are many great dentists out there to assist in doing so. Blue Wave Smiles is a dental practice which focuses on this.


A boost in confidence

In today’s day and age, mental health is at the forefront of social and political agendas. Your mental health should play an equal part in wellbeing alongside physical health. Good health isn’t just about the absence of ailment. It’s about the overall status of the mind and body. Regardless of opinion, it’s clear that your appearance can play a huge part in affecting your mental health – for better or worse.


A healthy, clean white set of teeth can often bring positives to your life. You may pursue and set out into more social situations that you wouldn’t usually. You might have that extra self-confidence to ask that question or make that decision. Which in turn, can bring a better quality of life. A smile can say a million things about someone, and it can make a great first impression too. Be sure to maintain that happy smile and wear it proud.


Saving money

Everyone wants to save money where they can, that’s a given. No one wants to pay out for an unexpected bill either. It’s well known that dental work can be a costly service. So as a human who is susceptible to these costly visits, your best bet is to minimize the risk of having to go to the dentist and therefore the costs of these bills. If you keep up a consistent oral hygiene routine, you can be sure to avoid paying out for any expensive procedures.


You can also look to purchase cost-effective toothbrushes if you’re into saving your money.


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