What Is Your Body Trying to Tell You

By: Daniel Click

If we could have a dollar for all of the things that your body is trying to tell you, well we might just be rich. The human body is so spectacular, and the power we have is just incredible. The things we can do that other mammals can’t, and the way that we’ve evolved is just astounding. When there’s just so much negativity going on in the world, it’s important to find some good within ourselves, and appreciate what our bodies are actually doing on a daily basis to keep ourselves in check. But for all its glory, there is always going to be downfalls. Whilst our body might be great at telling us what’s going on, we might not be the best at receiving the signs. Even if we are, it doesn’t mean that dealing with the issue is any easier. But the sooner you deal with it, the sooner you gain a better understanding of your body, and appreciate the level of maintenance it might need to be kept in tip top shape. So, here are some things we think your body might be trying to tell you, and how you can action the signs.

Feeling All Wobbly

This is something that can be so scary to experience, but it’s actually really common. You might think that feeling wobbly and unsteady on your feet is due to a balance problem, or something going on inside your head. But actually, one of the most common reasons that you might keep going through dizzy episodes, is because there’s something going on inside your ears. So rather than putting it down to getting up too fast, or not drinking enough during the day, why not get yourself to an ent specialist if you’re experiencing something like this. Although it can be rather alarming, it could be solved with something as simple as a course of ear drops. But the sooner you’re back on your feet, the sooner you can get back to normal life. Don’t ignore a problem like this because you think it will go away, because you definitely don’t want it to get worse.


A Common Lack Of Energy

We say common, because is this not one of the most common complaints in the world? Friends, family, work colleagues, we all think the same. The list of reasons why this is happening could go on and on, but we’ll name just two. The first is that you’re simply overworking your body, and not taking enough time to simply relax. You’ll work all day, to sort the house out all night or go and socialise, whatever it is you might do, and you barely give your body enough time to shut down. Couple this with getting less than six hours sleep, and you’re setting yourself up for failure. You need to give your body time to slow down at the end of the day, not just when you get into bed! Drinking enough water throughout the day will also change your life. Two litres of actual water, not coffee or tea, will totally invigorate you, and fuel your body with the hydration it needs to function properly!

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