Is It Time to Give Yourself a Little Space?

By: Shannon Jones

It’s extremely easy to treat ourselves harshly. If you want to understand if you engage in this or not, simply mind your self-talk. How does it continue? What thoughts and beliefs do you have about yourself? Are you overly critical? Do you reflect often, or not at all? Do you find it hard to measure your progress, or is that all you seemingly do, and wish to escape from that relentless voice in your head pushing you to work even harder when you’re giving all of yourself already?


Is it time to give yourself a little space? It can be extremely healthy to do so, no matter if you’re lazy and lethargic or if you’re suffering with an addiction to hard work. A little space is something we all need from time to time. A little time to sit back, relax, and reflect on the progression of our lives. In fact, it can be extremely healthy to do this. Remember, while life often suggests that we need to work, work, work and focus on that we have, we are energetic organisms, and we do need to unwind.


With the following advice, you should do so in a healthy manner:


Focus On What Matters


One of the easiest things you can ever do to over-complicate your life and feel completely dejected or full of chaos is to become distracted. It’s no great failing in you for that to happen. There are so many things to distract each and every one of us on a daily basis that it’s a wonder we can do anything at all. However, if you find yourself becoming fragmented, too disconnected from the progress of your life and in real need of a change. It can be extremely important to focus on what matters. Writing down your priorities, what you hope to change or accomplish and what you’ve learned in the last year can help you re-prioritize things and help you draw up a simple life plan. This can be effective in more ways than one, and give you plenty of reasons to feel great about yourself once more.


Take Some Alone Time


It can be tempting to socialize constantly, particularly if we’re in a relationship, living in college, or perhaps are extroverted. But even if we’re energized by this, it can be essential to take some alone time now and then. Simply being by yourself can help you recharge your batteries, help you reflect with more clarity, and come back for yourself. In fact, from time to time, it can be healthy to be alone for a short period. It might be that you’re introverted and stretching yourself too thin because it can often be easy to fall into social obligations. With some alone time, you can consider just what you actually hope to change.


Treat Yourself

You deserve a treat from time to time. Go to the movies, head out for dinner, book a mini-vacation or spa day, or treat yourself to health supplements from Treating yourself shows you that you’re worth it, and can help you feel more connected to yourself than ever.


With these tips, you’re sure to give yourself a little space.


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