Creating Healthy Goals You Will Stick To

By: Dan Click

Being healthy involves developing and sticking to a routine. Once you get on a roll, the tricky parts of maintaining a healthy body and mind never seem as tough. Of course, it’s easier to say out loud than it is to do in practice as committing to an active lifestyle has its negatives. Sometimes, boredom creeps in and you feel as if you need to spice it up by giving into temptation. Other times, the urge to break the chain and be bad is too much to deal with twenty-four-seven.

So, how can you create health goals that you will stick to for the short, medium and long-term?

Search For Answers

Far too often, people say they are going to do something without gleaning the information. For example, you will try a new diet or go to the gym yet you won’t track your progress. Without understanding where you stand, there is no way to tell if you need to tweak the system, up your efforts, or develop a new plan. The answers are in the data, which is why you need to collect as much of it as possible. You can keep a food journal, count your calorie intake and outgoings,

and use mobile apps. The latter will provide metadata that will help you take your health goals to a new level.

Be A Realist

It’s tempting to be an idealist yet it never works out for the best. After a couple of days or weeks, you realize the targets are too strict and fall out of love. Before long, you abandon the project altogether and go back to your old ways and throw your good intentions down the drain. To avoid this from happening, be realistic about what you can achieve. Start small and make big changes by modifying the little things. Once you taste success, the passion to continue will be insatiable.

Ask For Help

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Without a hand from friends, family or a dedicated pro, you won’t get to the top of the tree. Imagine you have an addiction and want to fight it – would you go cold turkey? The answer is hell no because you’d contact Resolutions Behavioral Health for advice. And, the same applies to your health goals even if they are small or seemingly insignificant. Noom is perfect as it pairs users with trainers who can answer questions and spur you to reach your goals.

Avoid Fads

Fads are short-term answers and they aren’t cool. For one thing, you’ll end up back at square one after you stop the regime. Cutting out carbs, for example, results in the body storing them as fats when you eat them again. With herbal remedies, there is no need to choose the nuclear option. Also, it’s bad for motivation. Imagine if the fad didn’t work straight away; you’d be mortified. As a result, you may think there aren’t any methods that work for you and that you’re a lost cause.

No one is worth giving up on. As long as you look for answers and enlist people to help, you’ll never quit again.


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