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Protecting oneself is one of the most basic human instincts. It is innate in every one of us, from the dawn of man. It comes with our evolution, a technique to be used for survival. It is a tool for self-preservation and something we’ve had inside ourselves for thousands of year.  In the earlier stages of our evolution, we were committed to the concept of survival of the fittest; that is, only the strong and the mighty will survive. “Kill or be killed” was the motto of the people living during those eras. From the Renaissance, Industrial Era to the World Wars, this was still the predominant way of thinking. However, as we developed our minds and more complicated ways of thinking, things have changed. The concept of survival of the fittest is still there, but little to no bloodshed is involved. What we see now is a reinterpretation of that.

As the old adage says, health is wealth. It is a cliché, yes, but wise words, because without good health, how can we enjoy the experiences that we might have? The people we love may stay away or might not see us, because we are too sick. If we are not feeling well, we probably don’t want to go outside. Our school or job performance can be affected. Even strangers can see the effects of poor health on our body. Let us face it: we will be limited if our health is incapacitated and our lives are at risk. Therefore, it is an utmost priority for all of us to be healthy. This is for the sake of our families and ourselves. So how do we take care of our body? Some of these might be familiar to you, but it is good to remind ourselves from time to time.

1. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

This is one of those things that we hear all the time, because it is true. Having a healthy lifestyle starts with our own body. The best way that we can do that is to control our diet. The word “diet” has a bad reputation these days. Some diets are useless or some just want you to cut out carbs. Others are just plain ineffective due to poor research. People often get made fun of by experts or nutritionists for following a particular diet with no research to support it. As there are many kinds of diet, most of these do not work for everyone. However, most doctors agree that having a balanced, varied meal every day is a sure way for a diet to be effective. (Click the link to read more: This works alongside proper exercise and hygiene. There are many diseases born out of poor physical hygiene, such as skin or hair problems or rashes. In this case, every aspect of our physical health is important.

2. Coping With Stress

Mental health also plays a part in maintaining optimum health. There are many cases where stress is the cause of physical malfunction, not the work itself. Stress can also lead to many kinds of diseases. Aside from this, it can also lead to mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety. One way of fighting stress is to change our outlook on life. This sounds very simple but there’s no sure way to how to do it. Resolving your internal conflicts can help. Fighting your irrational beliefs and learning to think more logically might be other ways. You might want to find meaning in the people around you and whatever you are doing right now. Like dieting, there is no one way of fighting stress as we are all different. Coping and learning to deal with every-day stress is an art and a science; there are no definite rules, but we are always fine-tuning ways to make it easier.  (To learn more about coping with stress, please click here.)

3. Protecting Yourself in Advance

Living in this fast-paced, globalization-focused world, doing the things above can be difficult. Stress is always present with all the things that don’t contribute to healthy body. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself in advance. We never know what can happen the next day so we must always prepare ourselves. One can do this by investing in health insurance. Manulife, Great-West and Blue Country health insurance are some companies that offer great deals in protecting your health and well-being. It also protects your family and the other people you love. Your health is in your hands along with their welfare. We only have one life, we must live it in the best way possible.

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