Can a Puffy or Firm Mattress Improve Your Sleep

By: Lilly Thompson

Sleep is essential to our survival. The reality is that, without proper rest, we cease to function effectively. Like machines that require regular servicing and maintenance, our bodies need sleep to get us rejuvenated. For years, I struggled with getting quality sleep and the consequences were terrible.
Without getting quality sleep, we put our physical, mental and emotional health at risk. In my case, I struggled with backache and emotional instability. That’s the case for the majority, and they suffer from numerous sleep disorders which eventually affect an individual’s overall well-being.

One thing most people tend to miss is that the mattress they use pretty much dictates the quality of sleep they receive. Therefore, it’s vital that you recognize which bed is ideal for you and can help you get quality rest. Will a puffy or firm mattress help achieve that objective?

Sleeping Needs and Preferences
Firstly, before deciding which bedding will be suitable for you, it’s critical to understand your sleep needs and preferences. That includes:

Your health: Persons with backache are often advised to go for a medium-firm to firm mattress comfort levels. That’s because they require sufficient back support which a puffy bed doesn’t provide.
• Sleeping Positions: There are three primary sleep postures, side, back, and stomach. However, there’re those that are more comfortable alternating these positions throughout the night. The type of sleeper that you are will determine whether puffy or firm bedding is ideal for you.

There are three levels of firmness, each ideal for a specific group of sleepers:
i). Soft: Soft bedding range anywhere between 3 and 5, 1 being soft and 10 firm.
ii). Medium-firm: This is the universal firmness level, ideal for the majority of sleepers and range from 5.5 – 7.
iii). Firm: Firm beds range from 7 – 10.

Puffy Mattress
As mentioned in the previous section, puffy beds will have a firmness level of anywhere between 3 and 5, although some will be below 3 on the firmness scale. Puffy bedding offers some sink, of up to 3 inches, and will have some significant hug.
The disadvantage of such bedding is that it will lack sufficient support. Without proper back and spinal support, the quality of sleep you get will be compromised. You’ll find yourself waking up several times in the night, and it can lead to complications.
However, there’s a section of sleepers who will be comfortable in a puffy mattress but as long as it has some adequate support. You can check out this quick overview of Puffy, which is an excellent example. Persons sensitive to firmness such as side sleepers and some stomach sleepers will find a soft mattress cozy, therefore improving their sleep quality.

Firm Mattress
Firm mattresses, in this case, refer to both medium-firm and firm comfort levels. Medium-firm, as highlighted is the universal firmness levels and can accommodate all sleep postures. However, this is subject to a range of factors including body weight. Such firmness provides excellent support, combining both extra firm and soft. There’s some hug and sink in such bedding. The maximum amount of sink is 2-inches on such beds.
The mattress firmness like this here have a minimal amount of sink, around 1 inch and sometimes even less than that. It is suitable for sleepers who prefer being on rather than in a mattress.

Can a puffy or firm mattress improve your sleep?

The answer is yes to both of them, the reason being it all boils down to our sleep needs and preferences. Depending on the type of sleeper that you’re a puffy or firm mattress will work great. If you’re sensitive to firmness and develop pressure spots a soft mattress will be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you’re a back sleeper or have back problems, a firm mattress will be the best alternative. Only go for puffy mattresses that offer sufficient support.

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