3 Tips for Buying Hydrocolloid Dressings

By: Donny Dilfish

Hydrocolloid dressings refer to sterile pads that people use to cover their wounds. Separate tape is unnecessary when you use them because they stick to the skin. You can wear them for up to a week. One of the reasons that people love them is that it requires fewer changes than other dressings do. Another advantage is that wet conditions develop in the affected area when you cover it with hydrocolloid dressings. These conditions facilitate fibrinolysis, angiogenesis, and quick healing. Interestingly, hydrocolloid dressings stimulate these processes without breaking or softening tissues. Removing the dressing without damaging the skin is also possible. Another advantage of these sterile pads is that you can use them with other compression products. Choose the best hydrocolloid dressing so that you can enjoy these benefits. Here are 3 tips to buying hydrocolloid dressings.

1. Transparent Hydrocolloid Dressings Are an Excellent Choice
Three factors determine how fast wounds heal, i.e., age, nutritional intake, and hygiene level. Fortunately, your level of hygiene lies within your sphere of control. For example, you can check the wound regularly to see if it is clean. Remember, body fluids can fill it leading to infection. Unfortunately, monitoring the condition of the affected area is a daunting task when you use an opaque hydrocolloid dressing. More specifically, removing the sterile pad is necessary if you want to see what is happening with the wound. In contrast, transparent dressings help you check the affected area without disturbing it.

2. Go for Waterproof Hydrocolloid Dressings
Avoiding water is impossible even if you have a wound that requires some time to heal. For example, you have to bathe because it doing so opens the pores on your skin. It gets rid of dirt and germs as well. Consequently, exposing your hydrocolloid dressing to water is inevitable. The question is whether the dressing allows water to seep through it. This seepage may be problematic because most sterile pads fall off once they are wet. Remember, wetness interferes with the adhesive qualities of this sterile pad making it difficult for it to stick in place. Seepage is also dangerous because dirt and germs may be present in the water leading to infections. Therefore, the best hydrocolloid dressings to pick are waterproof ones.

3. Thinness and Flexibility Matters
Examine online reviews to determine if the hydrocolloid dressing you are considering is a comfortable one. For example, the experiences that people share in these reviews tell you if a particular pad is likely to irritate your skin. Do not buy dressings that have negative reviews. Alternatively, you can make this determination by yourself. Start by checking the thickness of the hydrocolloid dressing. Avoid dressings that are thicker than usual because they are weighty. Instead, you need a dressing that you will hardly notice as you go about your daily business. Then check the descriptions on the package to see if flexibility is one of them. Going for one labeled as flexible is an excellent idea because it will wrap around your skin flawlessly.

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