Benefits of Reading a Book before Going to Bed

By: Donny Dilfish

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”
George R.R Martin

The celebrated author had a point when he phrased the above in his famous novel ‘A Dance with Dragons.’

In this day and age, we are connected 24/7. Emails, texts, and photos assault us in quick-fire fashion, and that’s not even mentioning TV and the on-demand capabilities on offer. No matter how useful, technology can work against us. It lures us in like a flame would a moth. We want to be online; we need to check Facebook or Instagram to feel connected and a part of the face-moving world.

Unfortunately, all of the above does not stimulate a relaxed state of mind, especially in the evening. On the contrary, it aggravates and distracts from one of the most important things we as people need – SLEEP!

So, why not do what people have been doing for hundreds of years? Grab a book, and yes, you can also use a Kindle or any other reading device as long as it is not backlit, and let the words regale your mind into a state of tranquility. Reading a good book brings so many benefits, and one of them is sleep. Combine this with the right bed and mattress recommended by, and you are onto a winner.

What are the benefits of reading a book before bed?

It makes you more creative

Reading broadens the mind. Many of the world’s most successful people read in bed. And they don’t focus on one particular genre – they read everything they can get their hands on. Bill Gates, for one, loves reading. He combines both fiction and non-fiction and manages to read one book a week. Why is this beneficial? Reading is like a brain workout. You get to see things from different perspectives with more creativity and imagination.

I love the way good fiction can take you out of your own thoughts and into someone else’s.”
Bill Gates

Improves concentration and overall knowledge
Reading requires concentration according to Rest Right Mattress. And this is a gift in a world full of distractions. When the pages of good non-fiction or fiction captivate you, your mind is entirely focused on what you see, consequently improving your memory and your overall knowledge level.

Increases empathy

When you are immersed in a good book, you will find yourself relating to the characters regarding how they feel and the challenges they are facing. By understanding the protagonists in your book, you will be better able to connect to others in the real world.

Ultimately, you will sleep better.

Reading a good book, and it doesn’t matter what genre, distracts the mind and takes it to faraway places. Losing yourself in the author’s words will sidetrack everyday stress and worries. It’s the ideal substitute if you have become addicted to Netflix or any other on-demand TV service. Remember, the light emitted from the screen tricks the mind into thinking that it is daylight. Also, the way TV shows are structured entices you to want to watch one more even though you are craving to go to bed.

When you read a book, on the other hand, you are already comfortably lying in bed. Your mind is drifting to an imaginary world; your heart rate is stable, and your muscles relax – before you know it, you will be floating into the world of dreams.

Smart people read! Balanced people read! Successful people read!

It is the recipe for a fruitful and happy life.

So get reading!

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