5 Home Healthcare Services to Keep You in Optimal Shape


Authored by Ibrahim Khadir

Have you or a loved one been sick or injured lately? Will you have to care for an elderly family member but do not know how? Do you need help getting back to optimal health?   The below things are available and can help:

Medical care and attention, right at home:

There are quality home healthcare services available for you and your family. These days, you only need to call and specify your requirements. Once the preliminary work is done, you will have a medical expert or small team put your mind at ease. They come in the form of therapists, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Much like you will need the help of professional housekeeping services to keep your home spic and span while you are recuperating, you will also appreciate the ease and comfort of having healthcare specialists come to your home to give you the care that you need.

Here are some of the valuable home healthcare services:

1. Baby care

Having a baby is an exciting time for parents. There will be a lot of advice from family members and friends on how to care for the tiny tot. While well meaning, first-time parents can be confused over whether those pieces of advice are actually helpful. To avoid getting mixed instructions on how to properly care for your little one, you can simply ask for professional help from parent education service providers. They will have the right knowledge and experience to guide you as you grow with your baby. From breastfeeding to baby proofing, you can rely on proficient healthcare providers to help you along the way. They can also help you choose safe products, care for a newborn infant, and other such services that will let you enjoy more fun and carefree moments with your bundle of joy. Nannies and nurses are available and ready to assist you in caring for your baby. DHA licensed nurses can also look after children with special needs and specific medical conditions.

2. Cancer patient care

Whether you or a loved one is being treated for cancer, in the advanced stages, or recovering from it, getting expert and compassionate healthcare is essential. Cancer patients will need as much support as possible to go through treatments and stay positive about their recovery. Being at home and in familiar surroundings can significantly put them at ease. Having onsite nurses who are professionally trained in managing cancer patient needs will be helpful, especially when doing daily tasks such as bathing, food preparation, or simply moving around. Nurses will also accompany the patient to chemotherapy or radiation sessions, as well as help in wound or ostomy care.

3. Diabetes care

Living with diabetes is challenging. Establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle, monitoring blood and insulin levels, and managing medication can all be quite taxing for patients and family members. Patients with Type I or Type II diabetes can benefit from the guidance and expertise of highly trained and experienced nurses. They can help in enforcing a strict meal plan, promote physical activity, and correctly administer medications. These nurses can also help develop and improve diabetes management by conducting diabetes education sessions with the families of patients.

4. Elderly Nursing care

One can also benefit from trustworthy home nursing services when caring for an elderly person. Elderly patients, with or without specific medical conditions or disabilities, will often need some form of specialized care. Well-trained nursing experts can assist them with daily activities, such s showering, errands or meal preparation. There are also travel nurses who are specially trained to assist elderly individuals on trips, even if it’s to the local doctor’s office. Licensed nurses and healthcare staff also have the knowledge to assess and manage acute or chronic pain. Most importantly, skilled nurses can stabilize elderly patients in the event of a need for emergency medical services.

5. Home Physiotherapy

Expert physiotherapists can help restore you or a loved one back to health after an illness or surgery. These physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists will use certified comprehensive programs to address your specific needs. In the comfort of your own home, a private therapist will help nurse you back to excellent shape and ensure that you will recover fully.

It’s About Peace of Mind:

When you do not have the time or knowledge on how to properly care for the chronically ill or elderly, consider reputable healthcare services right in your own home. The years of experience and expert education of these nurses and healthcare specialists will work to your advantage and most importantly, bring you peace of mind.


Ibrahim Khader founded Angels of Medical Care in 2010. The name “Angels” was chosen because of his belief that nurses are angels of healing and care with the blessings of the creator. The company has flourished and is now one of the best, most renowned home care companies in Dubai.

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