Simple Skin Care Products You Should Replace for Better Well-Being

By: Cindy Trillo
The natural, organic beauty market is booming, with brands featuring a natural-derived clinical orientation now representing the largest combined share of skin care sales. Whereas toxic ingredients used to be a staple of skin care products around the world, consumers and companies alike are wising up to the harmful effects and avoiding them in favor of safer alternatives. Despite the worldwide efforts to make a positive shift towards chemical-free well-being, there are still hidden dangers in certain products that you’ll want to avoid if you care about the health of your skin.Scented Deodorants

Most mainstream deodorants include phthalates, which Congress has actually banned due to the harmful effects the ingredient can have on the endocrine system. Seeing as we absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin, using deodorants that include phthalates can be extremely harmful. Even though they can be found in other products and even the foods we eat, deodorants pose the biggest risk due to the way we apply it on our skin and where.While it’s fair to want to smell great and receive the benefits of an antiperspirant, there are other safer alternatives that you can use instead that will provide the same benefits without the health risks. Roll-on deodorants are generally healthier than sprays, and all-natural, odor-free ones can sometimes be combined with essential oils for an added health boost and gentle scent.

Anything with a Fragrance

Everybody loves to smell great, and it’s likely why the deodorants mentioned above are so popular. Fragrances that typically come in skin care products, however, are made up of chemicals that lead to hormone imbalances, infertility and allergies. Fragrances are especially strong in body lotions, creams and hair products, which are more dangerous as they’re products that people tend to use on a daily basis. The Environmental Working Group reported that even though most major cosmetics companies will include natural essences as part of their ingredients list, they’re often overpowered by a long list of chemicals that simply aren’t good for you, your skin or your body in general. Instead, opt for essential oils or even naturally-occurring pheromones that will help you smell great.

BHA in Exfoliants

Exfoliants are actually a great way to give your skin a natural glow, but only if you’re exfoliating with natural ingredients. Most popular exfoliants on the market contain BHA, which The National Toxicology Program currently classifies as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.” Know to cause stomach cancer and lead to thyroid issues, BHA can also lead to skin depigmentation. Instead of purchasing chemical-filled exfoliants, you can easily make your own with coconut oil, brown sugar and lavender essential oil.

Caring for your skin is one of many things you can do to engage in personal well-being practices. While healthy skin is a factor in general health, caring for it should be done in an all-natural way that doesn’t include chemicals or dangerous toxins that can do more harm than good.

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