Life is Tough. Dogs and Song Help

Happy Friday, friends.

I had big plans to write a tight, informed blog post, and then I threw my neck out this AM. It was completely random and happened right as I got out of bed. After an instant rush of pain and the realization that my range of motion has been severely limited, I took a few antiinflammatories ( pills I usually stay away from) and managed to take Barnaby to the dog park, followed by a subsequent slow stroll through the park.  My temporary neck injury reminds me that I take it for granted- yes, my neck.  And peripheral vision. And moving my head around. Anyhow, you get it. 😉

I’m taking it easy and will be back to ( my version of) normal soon. Swimming and my foam roller will come in handy. Anyhow, on our walk this AM, Barnaby and I saw a man sitting in the park by himself. He looked sad and beaten down. He was listening to music with his earbuds and singing along, out loud, in Spanish.  Barnaby started wagging his tail and pulling me over to the man. He’s a super friendly dog, in fact I call him New York City’s sidewalk therapy dog/ ZENBuddy, but he doesn’t do that for everyone. I figure he has his reasons for interacting with certain people and reasons for passing on others. I let him choose. The man was happy to meet Barnaby, and I caught the little moment on camera.  It’s not the best camera work, but sweet moments like these remind me of two things : 1)  It’s the little things in life that matter most and 2) Dogs and Song make life significantly better.  Enjoy the video and, “Keep singing!”  ( No matter what. 😉 )

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