What Brand of Probiotics do I Use?

If you haven’t read the previous blog on the microbiome, prebiotics, probiotics and their relationship to depression, please do. I combined the best research and wrote it in a, hopefully, easy to digest manner.

The most common question I received from readers who read the microbiome blog was, “What probiotic supplement do you use?” 

While I’ve been known to switch up supplements and try new things, most recently I use Garden of Life Mood + probiotics, linked below on the picture.

How did I decide on this brand?

I like how the different strains of included probiotics have been tested in double-blind, placebo controlled trials. Plus, subjectively,  I’ve had good luck with this brand in terms of both mood and GI symptoms. The key to any supplement is that it has to work for you, so don’t take my what I use as gold.  –  Erin Stair, MD, MPH



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