How to Manage Political Stress?

It feels like everyone in the world is experiencing excess stress due to the political climate.  It’s been great for ZENBand sales, but it’s also both alarming and frightening. Whether you’re in the US, the UK, the Middle East… if you’re even somewhat tuned in, you are feeling the effects of divided nations and major political decisions. That stress will eat you up! Truly.  Or it will land you in a hospital room or a jail cell.  In this political climate, you need to learn how to deal with opposing opinions, decisions that don’t go your way, the uncertainty of the future, the seemingly constant threat of war or an environmental disaster, and do it without making yourself sick or murdering someone.  For example, the threat of nuclear war is a very real thing today. It makes me anxious, as I live in New York City and only about 20 blocks from Times Square. I could move, but I love New York City: there really is no place like it.  So instead I reached out to my good buddy at the NYPD’s Counter-terrorism Unit, who is one of the world’s great brains on radiological/nuclear attacks. I asked him to write a blog post on what we should do if a nuclear bomb is en route to Times Square. He wrote it, and it’s awesome: It’s awesome, because it gives me (us) tips on how to prepare for such an attack and how to survive it. When you redirect your anxious energy into something productive, like preparing and educating yourself and THEN taking informed, logical steps, your anxiety naturally dissipates.

I recently talked to an editor from Byrdie, and offered up some tips on how to do this.  You can click here to read it. In the meantime, put your ZENBand on and smile.




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