Anxiety? Eat Fermented Foods


A recently published study in Psychiatric Research shows that individuals who eat more fermented foods have less anxiety, especially social anxiety, and significantly less neurosis.  This wasn’t a randomized controlled trial, however over 700 individuals were surveyed, so that’s a big sample size.  The correlation is most likely due to the probiotics, live bacteria, found in the various foods, and the mind-gut connection.  Our top fermented foods include: Kefir, yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and kambucha.  You can also try soy-based products, such as miso soup, although I’m personally cutting back on soy products.   Happy fermenting!  –  Dr. E

3 Responses to “Anxiety? Eat Fermented Foods”

  1. This is an interesting idea, I always thought that food affects our mood.

  2. Maybe I should let the milk fermented before drinking

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