New NYC Obsession: Cauliflower Poppers & Green Machine Burger


If you are in New York City and  interested in eating healthy and vegan, I highly recommend Organic Grill in the heart of the East Village. I rarely become obsessed with a food item, but it happened: I’m in love with their cauliflower poppers, a delicious gluten-free option. I had them as a side dish when I ate at the restaurant, and since then I’ve ordered them three times through Seamless!  ( PS: That breaks the record for most repetitive visits to my apartment by anyone/anything in the last month.)

I also love their Green Machine Burger which is a roasted portabella mushroom; pesto; vegan cheese; carmelized onions; guacamole; lettuce; tomato and sprouts all on a wheat bun. It’s pretty big, but if you remove or half the bun, it’s doable and less caloric.  I believe it was voted one of the top 10 veggie burgers in NYC, and I would agree with that distinction.

They have a huge menu, so if you are looking for gluten-free options or want to eat healthy, I highly recommend this place!  It’s hipster-charming in the flesh, but you won’t be disappointed by ordering either.

PS: This is 100% my own opinion. No one has endorsed me to write shit.      XX Dr. Eeks



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