Random ZENBand Musings on the 6 Train, NYC.


So, there I was, in my ZENBand, listening to the Build Focus ZENTones on the 6 train.  I was headed to Central Park for a nice 8 mile run. I had to get focused for the run, because I was tired and feeling blasé.  After the ZENTones completed, this is what I saw:

A guy was preaching on the right side of the train. He was soft spoken and reading flatly out of a crumbled up Bible, his words just nudging us to keep Jesus on our radar…, like flu shot reminders in April. A woman enters the left side of the train and begins preaching. Her arms maniacally gesturing to invisible scenes of burning souls and her eyes shooting bullets of doom through our avoidant postures. She was channeling a deep, ominous voice straight from the Old Testament…, as if she was the top graduate at God’s drama school and the 6 train was express to Hell. They both were simultaneously preaching until the guy stops, sighs and tucks his bible inside his shirt. I think he got off at the next stop to apply at Starbucks.

Me? I got off at the 86th street stop and had a very focused run.  🙂

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