Best car for a bioterrorism attack: Tesla Model X


The average American citizen is totally not prepared for a disaster. I think it’s because our country hasn’t faced a war or a HUGE tragedy in a long, long time.  A lot of people call Doom’s Day Preppers  psycho, weird, excessive, but, actually, I think they’re smart.   They have overcome the ever prevalent normalcy bias that afflicts the majority of us.  Normalcy bias is a mental state that causes people to underestimate the possibility of a disaster and its effects.  The outcome is a bunch of people who are completely ill-prepared for a disaster.  In a world constantly threatened by terrorism and natural disasters, a big chunk of wellness is knowing what to do when disaster strikes. That said, I decided to start including blogs related to individual disaster preparation.

I’ll start by mentioning the best car to be in if there’s a bioterrorism attack: It’s the Tesla Model X.   It comes equipped with three   air conditioning modes:

1) Circulation of outside air

2) Re-Circulation of inside air

3) Bioweapon Defense Mode


The bioweapon defense mode creates positive pressure inside the car, thereby not allowing in any outside particles. That would come in handy if driving through a bioterrorism attack.  However, you must have this mode turned on BEFORE you enter a bioterrorism zone ( chemical or radiological war zone)  otherwise it won’t do you much good.  So, um, follow your gut, your psychic powers,  or just be really, really paranoid and have the mode on 24/7.    Because you’re most likely not going to get a courtesy warning.

By the way, 99% of the time, a normal HEPA filter can handle all particles .3 micrometers or larger. That includes bugs like Anthrax and the Plague, but not smaller micro-terrorists, like Smallpox. Which is, no pun intended, very, very small.




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