How to Make HomeMade Anti-Aging Collagen Boost for Your Skin

What you need:

1. Gotu Kola ( Fresh plant with collagen-boosting activity)

2. RoseHip Seed Oil ( as Additive)

3. Cheesecloth ( for draining)

4. Vodka- 96% Alcohol (for a solvent)

5. I Canning Jar

6. 1 Amber bottle with dropper ( for storage)


Hi guys.

Last summer I grew Gotu Kola, a plant known for its skin enhancing properties. Specifically, it has been shown to improve skin firmness in aging skin, reduce inflammation and boost collagen production. You can buy Gotu Kola tinctures in drug stores, but since you don’t really know the amount of active ingredient, I suggest growing and making your own. It’s the purest way!

So, first things first: Grow the plant on your patio or in your outdoor garden. When it starts to get cold, take the plant and put it in a medium-sized canning jar.  If you make a lot of tinctures, like me, be sure to label the jar so you don’t confuse yourself down the road.


Next, you need to add a solvent to the jar. Overtime, the solvent will extract the active ingredients of the plant, which is how you get a tincture. You can use water or vinegar, but alcohol is the superior solvent.  I use 96% alcohol proof Vodka.  Whatever you do, do NOT drink this kind of vodka.  In fact, when I originally purchased the bottle at the liquor store, the shopkeeper said, “The only one who drink this stuff are Polish construction workers!”  I don’t know– but, um, God bless their esophageal linings.


Be sure to saturate the Gotu Kola with Alcohol. Next, you wait for 4-6 weeks. Well, technically you take the jar and store it in a dark, cool place for 4-6 weeks, which is an optimal amount of time to allow the tincture to form. If you don’t forget about it, and skin-crazed people never do, you move on to the next step!

The next step is removing the tincture from the jar. To do this, place a cheesecloth over a clean, clear bowl. Slowly pour the contents of the jar over the cheesecloth.




Finally, you need to funnel the contents of the bowl into a glass amber chemistry bottle with a glass dropper.  I recommend using a funnel to do this, although you can, technically, use the dropper to transfer the liquid. It will just take forever– like it did me, since Barnaby, my dog, ate the funnel.

My final step was adding Rosehip Oil Seed, which is known to fight skin inflammation, but you don’t have to. The active, collagen-boosting ingredients come from the Gotu Kola.

If you decide to make your own collagen-boosting tincture, let me know. If you want to borrow some of mine, let me know.  I was able to make 1o-20 bottles this time around.   🙂  –  EeKs


For best practice, I recommend using the tincture at night, right before you go to bed.  Most “healing things” work better while you’re sleeping. 😉


8 Responses to “How to Make HomeMade Anti-Aging Collagen Boost for Your Skin”

  1. Hi! would you consider selling the bottles of extra tincture? I am interested in one. 🙂

  2. If you consider to buy then definitely Want to buy..

    This my email:

  3. Hi Dr Eeeks

    Very interesting post, thank you.
    A few questions, forgive my inexperience:

    How fast does the plant grow from seed before you can use it?
    What was your plant to alcohol ratio?
    How do you consume the tincture and in what quantities?
    Have you noted any obvious positive effects over what period?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hey Anton,
      I didn’t grow it from seeds. I bought a partially grown plant and then replanted it in my garden. As far as ratio, I used approximately 1/5 cup of alcohol for every 1 cup of plant ( chopped up). This will vary, and honestly, experience is the best teacher in figuring out ratios. I do NOT consume the tincture. I use it as a topical oil on the skin. I’ve noticed improvements in my skin, yes– but I often combine skin treatments, so it would be hard for me to isolate THIS one as the main provider of glowing skin effects.

  4. i am also interested to buy bottles of extra tincture? is it possible ?

  5. Hi, this may sound dumb but do you put it on your face or drink it?

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