My Rule of Thumb about What Makes a Healthy Plate…


A rule of thumb I like to follow when I cook or eat a plate of food is this, “The more colorful and geometrically varied your plate is, the healthier it is.”

There are a few exceptions to this rule. Like, sprinkles, albeit colorful, are really an unhealthy nightmare. EVEN the sugar-free sprinkles are a nightmare, because YUCK!?  1)  Why eat fake chemical sugar and 2) Most sugar-free things are unnatural, nasty laxatives and creators of bloat.  No one likes to bloat.

That said, all candy can be colorful, but if you are loading your dinner plate up with candy every night,  you’re probably 14, a Type 2 Diabetic, scheduled for your second leg amputation, and not a reader of this blog.

Cut-out cookies might be more geometrically-diverse than other meals, but they aren’t healthy either. But I will concede that they are fun to make… while intoxicated and while listening to Christmas tunes.  So,yeah, you will find exceptions.

But VEGGIES are Soooo colorful and come in all different shapes and sizes!!!  That’s what should fill up most of your plate, and the more veggies you have, the more colorful and geometrically-varied your plate will be!

Here’s a picture of what I cooked last night as an example of a colorful and geometrically-varied plate:


What do we see?

1) Oven-roasted organic chicken– offwhite and spear-shaped for the most part.  Great protein-source with hardly any fat.  ( Also doused with hot sauce here, because hot sauce speeds up your metabolism.

2) Chickpeas–  They are peachy little spheres.  Also potent cholesterol-binders.

3) Radishes-  a cool shade of purple.  Not really sure what shape to call radishes.

4) Onions-  a pale shade of purple and triangular in shape.

5) Parsley- Nature’s hunter green and lots of  creative sharp shapes in there.

6) Brussel Sprouts roasted with garlic-  mossy green color. Great anti-carcinogen food.  Not so good for people with gout since it’s a sprout. ( Didn’t just write that because it rhymes. It’s true.)

7) Butternut Squash:  Bright orange and mushy-shaped.  Outstanding for your skin.  Another rule of thumb? If you want good skin, eat the orange stuff!

8) Cranberries:  Purple-pink mushy-shaped with some spheres in there.  Great for preventing urinary tract infections. How? They help prevent bacteria from binding to the walls of the urinary tract.


And here’s a random picture of Barnaby eating my hat.  He likes to eat my hats, which makes taking selfies together all the more difficult.


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