New Poll! Fish Therapy: Blooming Wellness or WTFness?

Lets take a poll! ūüėČ Do you think Fish Therapy is blooming Wellness or WTFness?

(Being an asthmatic, I was especially intrigued by this one.)
Here’s the scoop:

In the city of Hyderabad lives the Goud family,¬† self-proclaimed alternativemedicine practitioners. Thousands of people come to see them for “Fish medicine.” Fish medicine involves a fish,¬†which is first coated by¬†a homemade herbal solution¬†that is¬†then swallowed live by the patient. Fish therapy is claimed to heal respiratory ailments and asthma. The Goud family claims they received the secret “live-fish-herbal therapy” from a Hindu saint 170 years ago.( I’m assuming one of their ancestors received the secret recipe.)¬†¬†Fish therapy is¬†ONLY¬†administered on a day decided by an astrologist, who is also a family friend. Recently, 70,000 people were waiting in line for the Gouds’¬†magical cure.

What do you think? Does fish therapy sound fishy to you or, given everything you know about western and alternative medicine, would you be willing to give it a try?

Would you try Fish Therapy?


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