The New Year Reminds Me of the Simplest, Cheapest Thing You can Do for Your Health! ;)

happy-new-yearI hope, wherever you are, you look with hope and excitement toward the coming year. After all, it’s a fresh start and a convenient opportunity to make a commitment to improve yourself in 2013.  It is an opportunity we all should eagerly seize, because no matter how great, fit, wonderful, charitable, beautiful or smart we think we are, there is always room for improvement.
New Years reminds me of my favorite health and wellness tools. They are simple and cheap, easy to use and ubiquitous.  In fact, most everyone can get their hands on them. The tools are a pen and paper.
Why am I in love with pen and paper?  Because they are so versatile and helpful.  They help you maintain accountability in your quest to become healthier. They remind you of your goals. They serve as reminders for what you did and what you need to do in order to achieve optimal wellness. To sum it all up, they make YOU confront YOU, which is something 99% of humans avoid doing, since we love to chuck responsibility into the hands of someone else.

In fact, I don’t think anyone should begin a wellness journey without a pen and paper.   I think you only set yourself up for failure if you do.

So what are some ways you can use a pen and paper throughout your wellness journey?

1) Write down what you eat daily, including calories ingested. It will force you to evaluate what you are putting in your body so you can come up with a more optimal diet plan.

2)  Write down your workouts, including time, quality, and whether it was a cardio or resistance-training workout.  Make yourself SEE what you are doing to get healthier.

3) Need inspiration?  Find inspirational quotes that get you moving and motivated to live a healthier life. Write them down and look at them as needed.  ( I write one on my dry-erase board every morning)

4) Need a reminder to eat healthier or hit the gym? Write it down. Make it funny, even. Post-it notes work great!

5) Need a good joke to make you laugh and put yourself in a positive mind frame? Write it down. Heck, make a collection of your favorite jokes.  Don’t forget laughing 10-15 minutes a day boosts endorphins.

6) Thinking negative thoughts? Write it down. On the opposite side of the paper, work on turning the negative thought into a positive thought. It will improve your mood and make you more motivated to continue on your wellness journey. Remember, YOU are YOUR thoughts!

7) Write yourself a letter.  Tell yourself how you are feeling.  Get to know yourself. 😉

8) Make a list of goals.  Little goals and Big goals. You need the little goals so you gain the confidence to tackle the bigger goals.

9) Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Make a TO DO list. It will make your challenges seem all the more surmountable.

Those are just a few examples. The pen and paper are two of your most precious weapons in your quest to achieve optimal health.  Use them religiously and never take them for granted or disregard them as being “too simple” or “stupid.”  It’s figuring out how to maximize use of the simple things that will get you to where you want to be. 😉 

Happy New Year and thanks for being part of Blooming Wellness in 2012. Here’s to a big year in 2013!!!


Dr. E.


Happy 2013!!! 🙂


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