All ZENTones: Sound Programs for Anxiety, Low Mood, Stress, Better Sleep & Focus

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Sound Therapy on the go!  You will instantly receive access to our scientifically-crafted ZENTones for anxiety, stress, low mood, better focus, better sleep, etc.. via your email.  You will receive access to all of our ZENTones as downloadable links, which you can save to your meditation MP3 player,  I-tunes library, laptop, desktop, wherever. You can listen at home, on the run, at work, while sleeping, while on vacation, while traveling, anywhere!  The ZENTones were created by the team at Blooming Wellness, led by Erin Stair, MD, MPH,  in conjunction with researchers who worked at the University of Tuebingen Institute for Med Psychology in Germany.

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These programs REQUIRE some kind of headphones/earbuds to work. You will NOT get the same effect if you do not listen with headphones/earbuds.  If you’d like one of our ZENBands, a headband/headphone combination specifically designed for sleeping, relaxing, anxiety-relief and meditation, click here.  

What is the Science behind the programs? Click here.

This is a great option if you aren’t sure which ZENTone to try and want to target stress, anxiety, low mood, low energy, bad sleep., etc., with a variety of sound therapy programs.  What you will get:

1. Fall Asleep ZENTones:  This 50 minute sound program uses a sequence of scientifically-selected sounds to help lull you into a calm and peaceful sleep. It also includes iso-chronic tones and slow delta waves. All sounds are arranged in a scientifically-selected sequence designed to naturally induce sleep. The program requires headphones to work.  Try the program lying down, while covering your eyes with the ZENBand, and try not to focus on anything.  Let the sounds do the work and let go.
2. Anxiety Relief ZENTones:   This 28 minute super-relaxing sound program is scientifically designed to help alleviate anxiety. The program uses specific sound sequencing, relaxing alpha waves and a soothing ambient generator to help calm and restore your mind to a place of peace and clarity. You must wear headphones for the program to work.
3. Stress Relief ZENTones:   This 25 minute sound program is scientifically designed with soothing, medium-range alpha and theta waves and iso-chronic beats to relieve your mind and body of stress and create a state of relaxation. This program is great for managing daily stress, work stress, and to control stress-related food cravings. You must use headphones for the program to work.
4. Headache Relief ZENTones:   This short, natural, pain-alleviating sound program uses scientifically selected sounds and specific sequences of slow sub-delta waves and a soothing ambient generator to help you relax and rid yourself of minor headache pain. You must wear headphones for the program to work, and we recommend the ZENBand for maximum comfort. Try this program while resting, while covering your eyes with the ZENBand, to keep out light, and try not focusing on anything, not even the sounds, and just let go.
5. Build Focus and Attention Span ZENTones:  This 20 minute scientifically-designed sound program uses specific sequences of medium-range beta waves and sensorimotor rhythms ( SMR) to help concentrate, boost memory, study and focus better at work. This program requires headphones to work.  Use this program WHILE performing the task you want to focus on. Do not focus on the sounds, as your goal is to be more focused on the task.
6. Depression Relief ZENTones:    This 35 minute sound program is scientifically designed to help you boost your mood and overcome depressive feelings. The program uses a custom-made combination of nature sounds and both beta and alpha rhythms, each one targeting a unique hemisphere of the brain. All sounds are arranged in a specific sequence to optimize mood-enhancing effects. This program needs headphones to work.
7. Creative Focus ZENTones:   If you are looking for inspiration or a boost in creativity this is the ZENTone for you. The sound choices, melodic vibrations and frequencies have been carefully and scientifically-arranged to boost attention, increase focus and get your creative juices flowing. There are minimal breaks in between sounds, and the entire tract lasts 30 minutes.
8 . Energy Drink ZENTones:  Trying to cut back on coffee or Red Bull? Try our on-the-go sound therapy to give you a natural surge of energy. Our “Energy Drink” ZENTones is engineered with specific sound arrangements, melodies and high-wave frequencies to wake up your brain and get you ready for anything.  Do not listen to these ZENTones if your intention is to wind down for the day. This is the rhythm of alert and ready.
9. EarthWindSpace Meditative ZENTones:  Our EarthWindSpace Meditative ZENTones has been scientifically engineered with specific musical melodies, sound frequencies and binaural acoustics to create a gratuitous meditation for the Mother Earth, whimsical wind and for the mysterical galaxies beyond.  This is a relaxing and calming tract that is ideal for either a still or walking meditation. If you live in a city or have a busy and loud life to maintain, these ZENTones are an effective 30 minute vacation for your mind, without putting you into a deep sleep.
10. Hypnotic Deep Relaxation ZENTones: Hypnotic Deep Relaxation ZENTones are carefully engineered with specific frequencies, melodic pieces, binaural acoustics and minimal guided imagery to lull you into a deep, relaxed state. These ZENTones are an effective and natural way to escape the anxiety and stress of your day, let go and simply be. There is no hangover effect and after listening and giving yourself the gift of relaxation, you can easily go back to your day. These ZENTones last 30 minutes, with minimal sound breaks and are a very effective and natural way to reduce stress.


4 reviews for All ZENTones: Sound Programs for Anxiety, Low Mood, Stress, Better Sleep & Focus

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Liles McDade

    The tones are amazing. I took advantage of the recent deal and was so happy that I was feeling super anxious and stressed, and you get the tones right away. I love the variety. I listen to the anxiety relief, headache relief and mood boosting one daily. My sister loves the Fall Asleep one. I love that I’m not swallowing a pill and have zero hangover effect, like I had with my anti-anxiety medication. I’m hoping with the help of ZENTones, as well as other things and life changes I’m currently making, I will be back to new!

  2. Dr. Rebekka Cohen

    Fantastic, Dr. Stair! Our clients at Global Wellness Center LOVE these. Love that you are exploring the science of sounds!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Arta smith

    Zen bands sounds helped me quit smoking- it works!!!!! I also use it when I fly to calm me down

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jackie Bryan

    Because of the ZENTones, I was able to calm down enough in the airport and board the plane! My family thanks you, because my anxiety would have kept me at home!!!

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