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All Creatures ZEN: Help Support Pets for Vets Charity!


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NEW: Dog "ZENBuddy" ZENBandana: Help Support Pets for Vets!


Product Description

Purchasing this product helps support the PetsforVets Charity!

You will get a ZENBand for YOU; ALL ZENTones; and a ZENBandana for your dog, or best ZENBuddy!

Dogs are our guardian angels, magical beings on earth that constantly remind us of what really matters: love, companionship, faithfulness and getting the most out of the little things in life. They are the perfect “ZENBuddy,” and get us through the toughest, darkest times. A dog will never turn his or her back on you, and if you have never experienced that kind of loyalty, I encourage you to adopt a dog, as long as you promise to provide the dog a good and loving home.

We at Blooming Wellness are huge proponents of a holistic and natural approach to improving your mental health and achieving a state of ZEN. This includes pet therapy, emotional support dogs, companion dogs and specialized therapy dogs. There is a plethora of published studies showing that dogs significantly improve our mental health. Dogs are shown to help us overcome anxiety, depression, loneliness, symptoms of PTSD and more. They cause our “feel good” hormone, oxytocin, to increase and have an instant calming effect on our nervous system. Of course a dog can be trained to do much more, but their companionship alone can dramatically improve both your mental and physical health, in ways humans cannot.

We recently partnered with a great national organization, PetsforVets, that pairs veterans struggling with PTSD, anxiety and other mental health symptoms with shelter dogs that need loving homes. PetsforVets finds appropriate shelter dogs, matches them with a veteran, and then trains each dog to help each veterans cope with their mental health struggles and assimilate back into society.  We couldn’t be happier about helping BOTH veterans and big-hearted dogs that need loving homes. At the end of the day, it’s difficult to figure out who is rescuing who.

A percentage of the sales from this product (which includes a ZENBand for you, All ZENTones ( our sound therapy programs) and a ZENBandana featuring the word “ZENBuddy” for your dog) will go to the PetsforVets charity.  If you have a dog,  and he or she is YOUR ZENBuddy, show it to the world with a cute and adjustable bandana. Encourage others who are struggling to consider finding their ZENBuddy too. You have the power to change multiple lives for the better.

The ZENBandanas are made for medium-large sized dogs, but can be folded and tied to fit smaller dogs. Finally, thank YOU for helping us support such a great and worthy cause.

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