All-Natural Anxiety Relief & Mood Booster: 10 ZENTones & ZENBand: Package Deal!

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ZENBands- Headbands with Flat Speakers for taking Meditation to the Next Level!

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Headache Relief ZENTones

Fall Asleep ZENTones

Depression Relief ZENTones

Anxiety Relief ZENTones

Stress Relief ZENTones

Build Focus & Attention ZENTones

Creative Focus ZENTones

Energy Drink ZENTones

Hypnotic Deep Relaxation ZENTones

EarthWindSpace Meditative ZENTones

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Sound-Therapy-On-the-Go, for the stressed-out,  traveling, busy bees out there.

Help meditate away anxiety and stress.

This doctor-created package is designed for maximum anxiety and stress reduction.

This is not music. They are scientifically-crafted sounds arranged in a specific sequence to achieve your desired mood state.

Perfect for every-day stress relief, traveling, flying, after-work anxiety relief.

Downloadable in seconds- easy to use on your personal meditation MP3 player, your phone, laptop, or desktop. Plugs into the plane too! At work or At home.

Just a Note: To take your meditation practice to the next level, we strongly suggest using an MP3 player instead of your phone. Individuals today have an unhealthy urge to constantly check their phones and feel like they can’t live without it practically. It’s a dangerous addiction, and one that prevents many people from engaging fully in the life around them. Therefore, to help break that “urge” and bring you back into the present moment and fill up your senses optimally, we suggest using an Mp3 player, that contains your favorite meditation scripts, healing sounds, affirmations and more.  Trust us, you’ll thank us for this suggestion. 😉

“Sound Therapy is considered one of the biggest wellness trends for 2017, because it is an effective and all-natural approach to stress and anxiety.”

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Some people know exactly what they need and what they’re looking for. Anxiety Relief? Check.  Stress Relief? Check.  Energy Boost? Check.  But a lot of us suffer from more than one issue, or aren’t exactly sure what our issue is, and that can get frustrating.  Anxiety often comes with stress which comes with depression which comes with headache pain which comes with sleep problems, which comes with having no energy, which leads to bad work performance and bad days in general. A lot of our mental struggles fuel each other, which is why they can be difficult to treat with a pill.

Health Risks of Bluetooth Headphones

That’s why we decided to offer ALL of our ZENTones and a ZENBand of your choice at a discounted rate in one package. We think our ZENTones, or “sound therapy on-the-go”  are a natural, effective and holistic approach for addressing all of these issues at once.  (And if you don’t believe us, read our reviews.)  ZENTones are great tools for reducing stress, reducing anxiety, boosting mood, calming your mind and giving you a total ZEN makeover, with minimal effort on your part.

The ZENBand is a super-comfortable stylish, lavender blend infused headband with small, flat, lightweight speakers ( size of a penny) specifically designed to enhance relaxation while listening to ZENTones.

The ZENBands come in many different designs and colors. Unlike headphones or earbuds, they don’t hurt when you are lying down and relaxing and don’t fall out of your ears.

The ZENBand is designed to act as an eye mask and keep out ambient light, which is known to disturb the relaxation process and which is incredibly disturbing for a good night’s sleep.

The ZENBand is also easily portable and fashionable, allowing you to listen to your ZENTones whenever and wherever you need them.

What exactly is the science behind this program? Click here

By ordering this product, you will receive access to an email with downloadable links to all of  our current ZENTone programs!  That’s more than 60% savings! 

Once you receive an email with your links, simply “right click” and “save” to your  MP3 player, laptop or phone. It’s that easy.

You will receive the following 10  ZENTones:

Anxiety Relief ZENTones;  Stress Relief ZENTones;  Fall Asleep ZENTones; Headache Relief ZENTones; Depression Relief ZENTones; Build Focus&Attention ZENTones; Energy Drink ZENTones; Creative Focus ZENTones; EarthWindSpace Meditative ZENTones; Hypnotic Deep Relaxation ZENTones

You NEED to wear Headphones, Earbuds OR our ZENBand for the sound programs to work.

Why Lavender?
In many studies, lavender has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety, and in particularly stressed individuals, including post-partum women and nursing/medical students. Another study showed that lavender, when used as an aromatherapy, significantly reduced cortisol and coronary blood flow, both of which result in reduced stress and anxiety.

Descriptions of each ZENTone:

  1. Anxiety Relief ZENTones:    This 28 minute relaxing sound program is scientifically designed to help fight anxiety and alleviate panic in nerve-wracking situations. The program uses specific sound sequencing, relaxing ( yet alert) alpha waves and an ambient generator to help calm and restore your mind to a place of peace and clarity. This program requires headphones/the ZENBand to work.  For maximum effect, use while well-hydrated, resting in a comfortable position, cover your eyes with the ZENBand and free yourself from distraction.
  2. Stress Relief ZENTones:    This 25 minute sound program is scientifically designed with soothing, medium-range alpha and theta waves and isochronic beats to relieve your mind and body of stress and create a natural state of relaxation. This program is great for managing everyday stress, work stress, and to control stress-related food cravings. You must use headphones for the program to work, and we recommend our ZENBand, which is designed to also cover your eyes.
  3. Fall Asleep ZENTones:    This soothing 50 minute sound program uses a sequence of scientifically selected sounds to help lull you into a calm and peaceful snooze. It also includes a relaxing ambient generator, isochronic tones and slow delta waves. All sounds are arranged in a scientifically selected sequence designed to naturally induce sleep. You must wear headphones/ZENBand for the program to work.
  4. Headache Relief ZENTones:   This short, natural, pain-alleviating sound program uses scientifically selected sounds and specific sequences of slow sub-delta waves and a soothing ambient generator to help you relax and rid yourself of nagging headache pain. You must wear headphones for the program to work. For maximum effect, use while well-hydrated, resting in a comfortable position, eyes closed, free of distraction, and listen to the program with our specialized ZENBand.
  5. Depression Relief ZENTones:   This is a 35 minute sound program scientifically designed to help you boost your mood and overcome depressive feelings. The program uses a custom-made combination of nature sounds and both beta and alpha rhythms, each one targeting a unique hemisphere of the brain. All sounds are arranged in a specific sequence to optimize mood-enhancing effects.  You need to wear headphones/ZENBand for the program to work.
  6. Build Focus & Attention ZENTones:   This 28 minute scientifically designed sound program uses specific sequences of medium-range beta waves and sensorimotor rhythms (SMR) to help you concentrate, boost memory, study, and focus better at work. This program is great for scholars, students, or anyone who needs to focus more while studying or completing a task. It is a safe and natural way to boost work productivity, and does not distract you from your task at hand. This program needs headphones/ZENBand to work.
  7. Energy Drink ZENTones:  Trying to cut back on coffee or red bull? Try our on-the-go sound therapy to give you a natural surge of energy.  Our “Energy Drink” ZENTones is engineered with specific sound arrangements, melodies and high-wave frequencies to wake up your brain and get you ready for anything.  Do not listen to these ZENTones if your intention is to wind down for the day.  This is the rhythm of  alert and ready.
  8. Creative Focus ZENTones:   We like to refer to our ZENBand and ZENTone programs as sound-therapy-on-the-go, and the power of sound is only beginning to be fully revealed. If you are looking for inspiration or a boost in creativity, this is the ZENTones for you. The sound choices, melodic vibrations and frequencies have been carefully and scientifically arranged to boost attention, increase focus and get your creative juices flowing. There are minimal breaks in between sounds, and the entire tract lasts 30 minutes.
  9. EarthWindSpace Meditative ZENTones:   Our EarthWindSpace Meditative ZENTones has been scientifically designed with specific musical melodies, sound frequencies and binaural acoustics to create a gratuitous meditation for the Mother Earth, for the whimsical wind, and for the mysterious galaxies beyond. This is a relaxing and calming tract that is ideal for either a still or walking meditation. If you live in a city or have a busy and loud life to maintain, these ZENTones are an effective 30 minute vacation for your mind, without putting you into a deep sleep.  Rest up, dream, be grateful and enjoy.
  10. Hypnotic Deep Relaxation ZENTones:   Hypnotic Deep Relaxation ZENTones are carefully engineered with specific frequencies, melodic pieces, binaural acoustics and minimal guided imagery to lull you into a deep, relaxed state. These ZENTones are an effective and natural way to escape the anxiety and stress of your day, let go and simply be.  There is no hangover effect and after listening and giving yourself the gift of relaxation, you can easily go back to your day. These ZENTones last 30 minutes, with minimal sound breaks and are a very effective and natural way to reduce stress.












10 reviews for All-Natural Anxiety Relief & Mood Booster: 10 ZENTones & ZENBand: Package Deal!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just bought this. I have a few of the solo ZENTones and a ZENBand, but I really wanted to try all of them out. 🙂 I like the smorgasbord approach too.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    What a great package deal. Taking advantage of getting all ZENTones was well worth it!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this package deal. Where else can you get stress relief, anxiety, and help with sleeping altogether?! The zenbands are super cute, very lightweight and functional, and the product is EFFECTIVE!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tara D.

    I have suffered from anxiety ever since I was a child, and the traditional medicine does not work for me. I’ve tried everything, too. The traditional medicine zonks me out. I heard that sound therapy was an up and coming trend, but didn’t really buy into the science. That said, I am humbled. I tried the anxiety relief ZENTones when I felt an impending anxiety attack ( I’ve learned to recognize my symptoms) and it really helped calm me down. Nothing is a cure-all, but knowing I have this tool readily available is a HUGE plus.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    Just tried this yesterday as part of a wellness workshop Dr. Stair conducted. I really loved the Anxiety Relief and Stress Relief ZENTones. Wasn’t crazy about the Focus ones, but my roommate seems to dig them. The ZENBand is great too- super comfortable ( especially for the price) — I think you should make one with skull and cross bones! And Dr. Stair, you rock!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy D

    I purchased this out of skepticism, as I hadn’t really found anything that really helped my anxieties and sleeplessness without the usual medications. I laid on the couch one free weekend afternoon, put on the sleep mp3 I synced to my iphone (with the head-wrap), and started thinking to myself how the zentones didn’t seem to be working. I kept thinking “man this takes forever, I wonder if it even works…” and 1 hour later I woke up from some of the most relaxing sleep I’d had in a few years. Trying the anxiety tones on a flight next week, but I’m already feeling more relaxed about the whole thing. Definitely a major plus here if you can get the whole bundle.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eve j Lilly

    I have bad social and travel anxiety– I’ve been traveling with my ZENBAND and listening to the ZENTONES and they have been super helpful. The ZENBAND is very cute too, so you can wear it anywhere— love it!!! I don’t travel without it now.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lori Jana

    The ZENBand is great for flying and traveling. I wear it in the airport AND on the plane ( which doesn’t allow wireless) and it’s amazing. I fly all the time, so this is ideal for me. The speakers don’t hurt your ears, so it’s easy to sleep too. If you listen to the Anxiety Relief ZENTones before flying, you will have a great flight. At least that’s my experience.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cheryl Lafler

    I started having severe subway anxiety after 9/11. I lost sleep as I knew a lot of people who were in that building when it went down. I’ve tried a lot of things for my anxiety–have taken a combination of pills that would make the average person shudder. In the past year or so, I’ve tried to heal my body, as I’ve been facing the effects of a lot of the side effects, including twitching from an anti-depressant. The ZENTones & Band have been such a comforting tool for me. I listen to them before getting on the subway, during the ride and sometimes I even cover my eyes with my ZENBand and just tune it all out. I still get scared, but it’s a lot better. I was so cynical, because it seems so simple… but I Think I need more of that: Simple. Trust me, after alll the nasty side effects I got from prescribed medication. But, I’m on my way. Thanks.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eliza Hofstra

    The tones are amazing!!! And the ZENBand is super comfortable plus no harmful Bluetooth EMFs! 🙂

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