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ZENBands Recommended as a Favorite Birth Product!


Another Positive Review for ZENBands, this time from Bailey Gaddis, author of Feng Shui Mommy: Creating Balance and Harmony for Blissful Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood, childbirth preparation educator, birth doula, hypnotherapist and contributor to Working Mother, Pregnancy and Newborn, Disney, Babble, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Expectful, Elephant Journal, Scary Mommy, and other publications. You […]

ZENBands Meet Top HypnoBirthing Instructors in the UK


Hypnobirthing  is a process by which pregnant women use guided imagery, relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing exercises and sound therapy to have a natural birth with no fear. There’s an entire science behind it that goes far beyond my level of expertise and understanding. If you’re interested in learning more, google it. There’s a wealth of […]

An Honest Review on our Anxiety Relief & Sleep ZENTones Program from a Combat Veteran


I’m really passionate about finding effective alternatives to help veterans struggling with the invisible scars of war and helping them integrate back into civilian life.  I receive a lot of emails from veterans seeking natural solutions to PTSD symptoms. They are tired of pharmaceutical cocktails and tired of the side effects. I can’t blame them. […]

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